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  1. 1.What is the chief reason people choose the foods they eat?
  2. 2.All of the following are results of making poor food choices except
    when made over just a single day, they exert great harm to your health.
  3. 3.A person who eats a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast every day would be displaying a food choice most likely based on
  4. 4. The development of chronic diseases has a connection to poor diet and:
    can be reduced by food choices along with lifestyle choices
  5. 5. Which of the following is not one of the six classes of nutrients
  6. 6.which of the following is an example of macronutrient
  7. 7. which of the following is an organic compound
    vitamin c
  8. which of the following is characteristic of an essential nutrient
    cannot be made in sufficient quantities by the body
  9. gram for gram, which of the following provides the most energy
  10. what is the meaning of a double-blind experiment
    neither subjects nor researchers know which subjects are in control or experimental group
  11. what is the amdr for fat?
  12. the source of valid nutrition information is
    scientific journals
  13. The term ______ has no legal definition but is often used in food labels to imply wholesomeness
  14. A study conducted in several countries where a high intake of fish and low intake of animal fat were correlated with low rate of breats cancer...
    epidemiological study
  15. data from a national survey showed that on a given day almost 2/3's of our population consume inadequate
  16. Foods that ahve been subjected to any process such as addition of additives, milling, or cooking are called ___ foods
  17. of the 10 leading causes of death in the united states, __ are related to nutrition and 1 to alcohol consumption
  18. which of the following terms was coined in an identified foods that might lend protection against chronic diseases by way of the nutrients or nonnutrients they contain
    functional foods
  19. nutrition-related health objectives for the nation have been published by the
    department of health and human services
  20. the credential "r.d" displayed by dietitian's name indicates registration with
    the american dietetic association.
  21. The dietary reference intakes (DRI) are appropriately used for all the following except
    estimation the nutrient needs of persons with medical problems
  22. the 2010 dietary guidelines encourage americans to consume less
    added sugars
  23. the percentages of the daily values on food packages are given in terms of a person requiring ____ calories each day
  24. which of the following groups is de-emphasized in the SUDA myplate food guide
  25. the dietary guidelines for Americans are intended for healthy adults and children ages ______ and
  26. If vitamin C has been added to cranberry juice, the label must include
    A and B
  27. The nutrition facts panel on a food label lists the following information for amounts per serving 111; 23 calories from fat. What percentage of the calores are provided by fat?
  28. when referring to the DRI recommended intakes, it is important to remember that
    they are based on the latest available scientific research
  29. converned about the toxic effects of added nutrients in fortified foods and supplements, when eaten in addition to staple foods, scientists established the ____
    Tolerable upper intake levels (UL)
  30. what are the ABCDMV principles of diet planning
    Adequacy, balance, kcolorie control, nutrient density, moderation, and variety
  31. which of the following establishes population-wide average requriements used by nutrition policymakers?
    estimated average requirements
  32. which of the following foods is exempt from listing ingredients on the label?
    none of the above
  33. any food providing 10% or more of the daily value for a nutrient is considered to be a _____ source of the nutrient
  34. providing enough, but not an excess, of a food is a diet-planning principle known as
  35. the primary difference between recommendation for nutrient intakes and values set for energy intake is that the value for energy intake is not generous
  36. The absence of a tolerable upper intake level for a nutrient implies that it is a safe to consume in any amount
  37. A major guideline for healthy people is to limit calorie intakes and obtain more and varied selections of
    all of the above
  38. as more research is showing the possible benefits of phytochemicals for health, the best way to approach consuming them in your diet is to
    include a variety of fruits and vegetables containing phytochemicals in your diet
  39. the DRI committee recommended a diet that contains ________% its calories from carbohydrates
  40. amounts of which types of lipids must be listed on food labels
    B and C
  41. by definition a vitamin is all of the following except
    a non-essential nutrient
  42. true statements concerning the water-soluble vitamins include
    They are easily excreted in the urine; they can be leached out of foods by cooking in water
  43. all of the following are fat-soluble vitamins except
  44. vitamin A plays an important role in
    maintenance of body linings and reproduction
  45. The vitamin D deficiency disease in adults is known as
    • osteomalacia
    • vitamin E serves as an antioxidant
  46. A non-food source from which vitamin K can be obtained is
    intestinal bacteria
  47. The B vitamins act as part of
  48. which of the following B vitamins is especially important for women of childbearing age to prevent neural tube defects
  49. an uninformed strict vegetarian is at special risk for ___ deficiency
    vitamin B12
  50. which of the following is not one of the functions of vitamin C
    maintains Bone density
  51. a women who is on a low carb diet for weight loss may be difficulty maintaining adequate level of the B vitamins, what foods avoided in her diet are most likely to cause this?
    grain foods and cereals
  52. which of the following is the most potentially toxic of all vitamins
  53. of the following commonly eaten foods, which makes the greatest contribution to riboflavin intake?
  54. which of the following would provide the ighest amount of vitamin E
    wheat germ oil
  55. a person who shuns dairy and spends most of her time indoors would likely benefit from a supplement of
    vitamin D
  56. what is one symptom of a beta-carotene toxicity
    bright yellow skin
  57. the USP symbol on the label of a vitamin supplement means that
    A and C
  58. the active form of vitamin A stored in the liver is
  59. what is the body's most indispensable nutrient
  60. Which of the following is not a function of water in the body
    source of energy
  61. what is the major intracellular electrolyte
    • potassium
    • over half of the body's magnesium is stored in the bones
  62. the best source of phosphorus is
    animal protein
  63. chromium works closesly with
  64. when trying to get adequate iron intake in your diet it is helpful to
    combine vitamin C foods with non-heme iron to increase absorption
  65. which of the following makes up about 60 percent of the body's weight
  66. which of the following minerals hardens and stabilizes the crystals of teeth and makes the enamel resistant to decay
  67. which of the following foods provides iron in the most absorbable form?
  68. deficiency of which of the following minerals is associated with retarded growth and sexual development in children
  69. what mineral is critical to the synthesis of thyroxine
  70. which of the following nutrients has functions similar to those of vitamin E
  71. bone strength in later life depends on:
    the formation of dense bones during youth
  72. copper is an essential nutrient because of its role in
    helping to form hemoglobin and collagen
  73. the principal food source of chloride is
  74. sulfate is adequate in a diet that containse sufficient
  75. if a person has a deficient intake of calcium in the diet, what will be the result?
    no change in levels of calcium in the blood because calcium will be pulled from the bones
  76. which of the following is the most abundant mineral in the body
  77. which of the following statements about selinium levels int he body is accurate
    selenium works as an antioxidant to protect body chemicals from oxidative damage
  78. the pyschological desire to eat is referred to as
  79. all of the following are involved in signaling satiation except
    the heart
  80. waist circumference reflects the degree of _____ in proportion to body fatness
    visceral fatness
  81. a body mass index of 25 to 29.9 in an adult indicates
  82. excess fat around the ___ represents a greater risk to health than excess fat elsewhere on the body
    central abdominal area
  83. a woman of normal weight may have, on the average, ___ percent of the body weight as fat
  84. one pound of body fat is equal to ____ calories
  85. quick, large changes in weight are most likely the result of all the following except
    changes in fat
  86. About ____ percent of a meal's energy vlaue is used up in stepped- up metabolism in the five or so housrs following each meal
  87. hunger makes itself known roughly ____ hours after eating
  88. a very-low-carb diet may be accompanied by
  89. all of the following factors are associated with a higher basal metabolic rate except
  90. which of the following types of foods sustain satiety longer than other foods?
    a and B
  91. a high risk of weight-related health problems is seen in women whose waist circumfrernce begins to exceed 35 inches
  92. a person who exhibits a physiological need to eat is most likely experienceing the sensation of
  93. the major cause of insulin resistance is related to
    excess body weight
  94. what is the approximate value for the termic effect of a 2500-kcalorie diet
    250 kcal
  95. body mass index is unsuitable for use with
    b and C
  96. after the first day or so of fasting, which of the following is most depleted in the body?
  97. an effective method for losing weight would be to
    keep records of your food intake and exercise to spot trends
  98. in the early minutes of an activity, ___ provides the majority of energy the muscles use to go into action
    muscle glycogen
  99. a person who continues exercising moderately for longer than ____ minutes begin to use less glucose and more fat for fuel
  100. strategies which help endurance atheletes maintain their blood glucose concentration for as long as they can include
    a and b
  101. the first symptoms of dehydration (besides thirst) is
  102. during most exercise the optimal beverage for replacing fluids is
    cool water
  103. moderate use of caffein by athletes
    may assist performance
  104. protein contributes an average of about ____ percent of the total fuel used during activity and during rest
  105. recommended grams protein per kilogram of body ewight each day of an endurance athlete is:
  106. sports drinks offer so advantages over water for atheles who
    need to replenish electrolytes
  107. which of the following are most prone to iron deficiency
    a and b
  108. iron deficiency anemia impairs physical performance because iron helps deliver the muscles oxygen
  109. glycogen depletion occurs after about ___ hours of vigourous activity
  110. athletes can safely add muscle tissue by
    putting a demand on muscles by making them work harder
  111. when a marathon runner experiences the phenomenon known as hitting the wall, what nutrient is most likely dpeleted
  112. a benefit of cardiorespiratory endurance training is that:
    the heart muscle grows larger and stronger
  113. active people do not need extra fluid in cold weather
  114. an endurance athlete can lose ____ of fluid an hour
    1.5 quarts
  115. anaerobic glucose breakdown produces a compound called ____ that accumulates in the tissues and blood
  116. muscle growth is stimulated by
    physically demanding activity
  117. carbonated beverages are not a good choice for meeting an athlete's fluid needs because the
    make a person feel full quickly and may limit fluid intake
  118. a low-birthweight baby is defined as one who weighs less than 5 1/2 pounds
  119. a low birthweight baby is nearly 40x more likely to die in the first year of life than is a normal-weigh baby
  120. a nonpregnant woman requires 1600 calores per day to maintain her desirable body weight. how many calories per day would she need if she were in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy
  121. a nonpregnant woman requires 46 grams of protein per day. how many grams per day would she need if she became pregnant?
  122. at eight weeks of development the fetus is characterized by
    a and C
  123. a pregnancy weight gain of ___ pounds is recommended for women who are at their appropriate weights
  124. a woman who craves nonnutrition substances during pregnancy
    a and B
  125. a woman who has just become pregnant is used to drinking 2 pots of coffee a day. what adjustments should she make in her caffeine consumption
    she should limit coffee consumption to one coffee cup a day
  126. all pregnant women need generous amounts of ____ to spare their protein and to provide energy
  127. an advantage for the mother of breastfeeding her infant would be:
    conserving her iron stores for serveral months
  128. folate fortification has lowered the number of neural tube defects that occur each year
  129. most babies are born with enough____ to last about half a year
  130. a nursing mother produces about ___ ounces of milk a day
  131. when compared to formula, breast milk offers the following protection against infections and allergies
    • breast milk contains antibodies against diarrhea caused by a rotavirus
    • if you want to make your own baby foods at home it is best to: puree a small amount of cooked food before seasons have been added
  132. the addition of foods to a baby's diet should be governed by alll of the consideration except
    how often the baby cries
  133. it is desirable to begin feeding the infant iron-fortified cereals by about _____ months
  134. which of the following should be introduced first when feeding a baby?
    rice cereal
  135. prenatal exposure to alcohol can result in which of the following fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in children?
    mood disorders and problem behaviors diagnosed in preschool years
  136. risk factors are gestational diabetes include all of the following except
    low BMI before pregnancy
  137. which of the following defines nursing bottle tooth decay
    marked tooth decay of an infant due to prolonged exposure to carbohydrate-rich fluids from a bottle
  138. a child's appetite fluctuates after the age of
    one year
  139. a child who drinks a lot of milk a tthe expense of other foods is at high risk of showing signs of
  140. a six-ear-old child needs approximately _____ calories a day
  141. at mealtimes the best way to be sure children are receiving nutritional adequacy from the foods they eat is to
    allow them to select from nutritious foods you have prepared for the family
  142. hyperactivity in a boy in kindergardent who cannot concentrate on his school work can be controlled by
    making sure he has regular mealtimes
  143. in boys, the adolescent growth spurt peeks at
  144. school lunches are designed to provide at least _____ of the recommended intake for certain nutrients
  145. the best way to introduce new foods into toddler's diet is to
    introduce them at the beginning of the meal when the child is hungry
  146. the single most effective way to teach nutrition to children is by
  147. the life-threatening food allergy reaction of anaphylactic shock is most often caused by
    eggs, peanuts, and milk
  148. which of the following is always a component of allergies
  149. which of the following worsens acne?
  150. absorption of ____ apears to increase with aging
    vitamin A
  151. after the age of 50, the intake recommendation for energy assumes a ____ percent reduction in engergy output per decade
  152. older adults should drink at least ___ cups of fluid a day to provide needed water
  153. what nutrition practice can reduce the effects of arthritis
    antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can reduce inflmmation in joints
  154. television food ads have positive effects on children's nutrition
  155. a principal reason that congregate meals are preferable to meals on wheels is that
    there are more social benefits to congregate meals
  156. what is sacopenia
    loss of muscle mass and strength
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