Physics 1

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  1. Velocity
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  2. Acceleration
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  3. X and Y components of initial velocity
    v= vocosθ

    vx = vosinθ
  4. Resultant force
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  5. Gravitational force
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  6. Torque
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    • r = distance between fulcrum and force
    • θ = angle between force and lever arm
  7. Centripetal force
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  8. Centripetal acceleration
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  9. Kinetic friction
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    • μk = coefficient of kinetic friction
    • F= normal force
  10. static friction
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    Image Upload anything above that is kinetic friction
  11. Potential energy
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  12. Total mechanical energy
    Image Upload = constant

    • When there's no friction/air resistance
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  13. Work done by non conservative forces
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  14. Work
    W = Fdcosθ
  15. Power
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    • J/s = watts
  16. Work Energy theorem
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  17. Momentum
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    units: kg m/s
  18. Impulse
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  19. Elastic collisions - objects dont stick
    • objects dont stick. Momentum and KE are conserved.
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  20. Inelastic collisions
    • Kinetic energy is lost in the form of heat, light or sound therefore final KE is less that initial.
    • Momentum is conserved
  21. Completely Inelastic collisions
    • Objects stick together
    • Kinetic energy is not conserved. 
    • Momentum is conserved, objects have the same velocity after combining.

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