Drug Indications

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  1. Adenosine
  2. Albuterol
    Reactive airway disease and bronchospasms, pulmonary edema
  3. Aspirin
    Acute Coronary Syndrome
  4. Atropine
    Asystole, bradycardia
  5. Atrovent
    Reactive airway disease and bronchospasms secondary to COPD
  6. Calcium Chloride
    Hyperkalemia, calcium blocker toxicity
  7. Charcoal
    Orally ingested poisonings
  8. Cordarone
    VT/VF w/o pulse, VT w/ pulse, A-fib/flutter
  9. D-50
    Hypoglycemia, hyperkalemia
  10. Diltiazem
  11. Diphenhydramine
    Anaphylaxis, allergic reactions, migrane headaches
  12. Dopamine
    Bradycardia, hypotension
  13. Epinephrine
    Asystole, VT/VF w/o pulse, allergic reactions
  14. Etomidate
  15. Fentanyl
  16. Glucagon
    Hypoglycemia, B+ blocker overdose
  17. Inapsine
    Nausea and vomiting, acute psychosis
  18. Lidocaine
    VT/VF, VT w/ pulse, symptomatic PVC's, RSI w/ closed head injury
  19. Magnesium Sulfate
    Torsades de pointes, VT/VF, seizures 2* eclampsia, refractory bronchospasms
  20. Midazolam
    Conscious sedation, RSI, seizure, chemical restraint
  21. Morphine Sulfate
    Analgesia, pulmonary edema, cardiac chest pain
  22. Naloxone
    Respiratory depression to opiate overdose, ALOC of unknown etiology
  23. Nitroglycerin
    Acute angina, AMI, CHF w/ pulmonary edema
  24. Oxytocin
    Postpartum hemorrhage
  25. Phenergan
    Motion sickness, nausea and vomiting
  26. Proparacaine
    Eye injuries
  27. Sodium Bicarbonate
    Hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis 2* to cardiac arrest
  28. Solu-Medrol
    COPD, reactive airway disease, allergic reactions
  29. Succinylcholine
    Paralysis to facilitate intubation
  30. Vasopressin
    VT/VF, Asystole, PEA arrested states
  31. Vecuronium
    Paralysis to facilitate intubation
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