Macro Social Work 400 Chapter 6-10

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  1. Organizational ______ refers to the way relationships are constituted among persons within an organization.
  2. What theory holds that the organization is a product of choices made by individuals, especially those at the administrative level?
    Decision Making
  3. What type of theory is "organizations as open systems?"
  4. What theory looks at how well an organization structures itself to accommodate to its unique environment?
    Contingency theory
  5. Which system deals with interactions between the organization and the environment?
    Institutional system
  6. A proponent of which theory would likely say an organization is an outcome of choices made by individuals who do not always act rationally or perfectly?
    Decision making theory
  7. An administrator has observed his organization for many years. He has written a theory about the components of a successful organization. His purpose is to give other administrators a guide to having a successful organization. What best describes his theory?
  8. A social work graduate started a position at a community center. She spearheaded numerous projects and became an expert in community organization. Her strong work ethic, dedication and expertise helped her become a top level administrator at the organization. What type of authority does she have?
  9. A manager at a child protection agency believes the center is not reaching its potential for helping children. What would Drucker likely advise for the first step?
    Discuss desired outcomes
  10. A company designs computer software. What would an administrator using the excellence approach be likely to do?
    Give all employees stock options in the corporation.
  11. How would a human relations follower answer the question, "What is the best way to manage a system?"
    Develop teamwork and social norms that correspond with organizational goals.
  12. Charismatic Authority
    Dominance displayed by one individual that has a special skill or extraordinary trait. However, system based on this type of authority is unstable and transitional.
  13. Closed-System
    Perspectives that are much more concerned about internal process and structure
  14. Hawthorne Effect
    Term that refers to individuals will perform in a particular way once they know that they are being studied.
  15. Organization structure
    The way relationships are constructed among persons within an organization
  16. Open-System
    Perspectives that are concerned about how organizations are influenced by outside interactions with their environment
  17. Rational Authority
    Responsibility delegated to individuals who are the most skilled at their position.
  18. What type of theory is scientific management?
  19. What question would you expect someone using a prescriptive approach to ask?
    What can an organization do to encourage open communication?
  20. Administrators at an organization want to use their diversity as an asset. What is something they should do?
    Assign projects where employees work together.
  21. A social worker helped families after Hurricane Katrina. She could not believe the devastation and founded an organization that will help individuals after a catastrophic event, whatever the event may be. What structure is most appropriate for her organization?
  22. A contingency theorist believes that a project team structure is best for a human service organization. What can you expect from this system?
    Teams working on the same effort take responsibility for different functions and work relatively independently.
  23. What is the "change agent system" comprised of?
    The change agent and the initial core committee
  24. What's the best approach when using covert tactics in advocating for personnel changes?
    The change agent should recognize the risks and be convinced the change is worth the consequences.

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