international business chapter 10

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  1. Business ethics
    ethics as applied to business with regard to the treatment of employees, stakeholders, consuemrs and society
  2. Code of ethics:
    the principles on which members of organizations base their behaviour
  3. Corporate social responsibility (CSR):
    • corporate standards and practices with regard to 
    • human rights
    • the environment
    • human resources
    • and community relations
  4. Corporate philanthropy:
    policies by which companies donate financial and material resources to support social causes
  5. Corruption perceptions index:
    a publication of transparency international in which 102 countries are ranked according to their degree of corruption as seen by business people, academics, and risk analysts
  6. Cultural relativism
    the belief that behavour should be governed by what will bring the greatest good the greatest number of people
  7. Dumping:
    the practice of selling goods unfairly at a lower price than the market value
  8. Ethical dilemmas
    a diffucult decision between two or more "right" options
  9. Ethical imperialism
    the belief that certain behaviours are completely wrong
  10. kyoto protocol
    an agreement by which industrialized companies voluntarily reduce their emission levels between 2008 and 2012
  11. Legislated codes
    laws of a country, compliance with which is mandatory
  12. Lobbying:
    the attempt to influence businesses or governments decision towards the organizations desired goal
  13. Non-governmental organization (NGO):
    groups that are not associated with the government and work about to bring change
  14. Not for profit organization (NPO):
    an organization created inteded to not make a profit
  15. Rule of law
    written laws that are set for citizens to follow
  16. social marketing
    promotion of a company so it is recognized as being socially responsible
  17. Stakeholder
    • people affected by the performance of the organization
    • employees
    • customers
    • investors
    • society in general
    • suppliers
  18. Voluntary code of conduct
    initiatives, guide lines that are not regulatory
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