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  1. Give the definition of the CPU, and the 3 main parts.
    Central Processing Unit - It is the "brain" of the computer, and refers to the part of the process which 'processes' the data and instructions.

    • 1. ALU; process and manipulates data.
    • 2. Control unit; manages the execution of instructions.
    • 3. Memory Storage; A register is used as a fast access data store.
  2. Give the definition of RAM
    Random access memory is the type of memory used for temporarily storing programs and data, it is volatile.
  3. Explain what it is meant by Parallel Processing.
    Means more than one processor and the tasks are shared between both.
  4. Give 4 Benefits of a a Hierarchy.
    • It's more convienient/easier/faster to access files.
    • Allows the user to store files in a logical way, in the same directory.
    • Can use the same file name in different directories.
    • Shows the path the file and the structure.
  5. Give the definition of a Bit, using examples  and give the definition of a byte.
    Bit - a single digit, EG. 0 or 1.

    Byte - 8 bits, sufficient to store one character.
  6. Name 4 protocols, and explain what they are.
    FTP (file transfer protocol) - would be used when copying a file from one location to the other using the internet.

    HTTP (Hyper-text transfer protocol) - would be used in transferring multimedia webpages over the internet.

    SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) - would be used when transferring emails between computer systems.

    VoIP (voice over internet protocol) - would be used to transfer 'voice' over the internet, EG. Skype.
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