Faith quiz 6

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  1. We dont fight the devil because ______?

    2 references
    he is already defeated

    Col. 2:15

    Heb 2:14,15
  2. We dont fight sin.  We ____________ for sin.

    reference ?
    preach the cure

    Heb 9:26
  3. According to 1 Timothy __:___ the only fight we are to fight is ___________________________________.
    1 Tim 6:12

    the good fight of faith
  4. 4.1
    Failure to understand what it means to be a ________________________.  We are new creatures.
    Created by God in Christ Jesus with the very _______ and ______ of God in our spirit.
    New creature in Christ

    • Life
    • and 
    • Nature
  5. 4.2
    Failure to understand our ______ : in _______ in ______ , in ______.
    These expressions are found about ____ times in the New Testament.
    • place :
    • in Christ

    in Whom

    in Him

  6. 4.3
    Failure to understand ________ . 
    2 Cor. ____:_____  says for He had made Him to be _________________________________.

    2 Cor. 5:21

    sin for us who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.
  7. 4.4
    Failure to understand our right to ___________________ .
    use the name of Jesus
  8. 4.5
    Failure to _____ upon the _______.

  9. 4.6
    Failure to _______ ________ to our ____________________________________________.
    hold fast

    confession of faith
  10. 5.1
    Fill in the blanks for the next three paragraphs.  It is okay to use the same word or its root.

    Faith is measured by our ________.

    Our usefulness in the Lord is measured by our _______.
    Eventually we become what we _______ whether it is good or bad.
    There is a ________ of our hearts and a __________ of our lips, and when these two harmonize, we become mighty in prayer.

    There is a _________ of our hearts and a _______ of our lips, and when these harmonize, we become mighty in prayer.

    The reason so many Christians are defeated is because they have a negative _________.

    They are always talking about their weakness and failures.

    Invariably they sink to the level of their _________.

    The scriptural law in Mark 11:23,24 is that our ________ rule us.

    We are what we say.


    we CONFESS

    • is a CONFESSION of..
    • a CONFESSION OF...

    negative CONFESSION.

    their CONFESSION.

    our CONFESSIONS rule
  11. One of the greatest mistakes belivers'
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