Torah Portions Shemot (Names) Shemot (Exodus) 1:1-40:38

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  1. New Pharaoh that didn't know Joseph, Midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, told to kill baby boys by throwing them in the Nile
    • Shemot (Names)
    • Shemot (Exodus) 1
  2. Birth of Moshe, Pharaoh's daughter adopts and names Moshe, Moshe kills Egyptian and flees to Midian, Moshe marries Zipporah, Gershom is born, Elohim hears the Israelites and remembers his covenant
    • Shomot (Names)
    • Shomot (Exodus) 2
  3. Moshe and burning bush
    • Shemot (Names)
    • Shemot (Exodus) 3
  4. Signs for Moshe: Staff to snake, hand to and from leprocy, water to blood, Aharon to speak for Moshe, Moshe returns to Mitzrayim
    • Shemot (Names)
    • Shemot (Exodus) 4
  5. Moshe goes to Pharaoh - Let my people go, Bricks without straw
    • Shemot (Names)
    • Shemot (Exodus) 5
  6. YHVH reafirms his promise to free the Israelites, Lineage of Moshe and Aharon
    • Va'era (And I appeared)
    • Shemot (Exodus) 6
  7. Aharon speaks for Moshe, Aharon's rod becomes a snake, plague of blood
    • Va'era (and I appeared)
    • Shemot (Exodus)7
  8. Plague of Frogs, Gnats, Flies
    • Va'era (and I appeared)
    • Shemot (Exodus)8
  9. Plague on livestock, boils, hail
    • Va'era (and I appeared)
    • Shemot (Exodus)9
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