Chapter 17

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  1. The Americans with Disabilities Act:
    a. Guarantees:
    b. Defines disability as:
    c. Does not cover:
    • a. Equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations, employment, transportation, state and local government services and telecommunications.
    • b. Physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.
    • c. Individuals with minor, non-chronic condition of short duration generally would not be covered.
  2. The Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Florida fair Housing Act makes it illegal to discriminate:
    a. In:
    b. Based upon:
    • a. Selling or renting housing or to deny disabled lessee or buyer any person associated with purchaser or lessee or any person who may live in residence.
    • b.┬áHousing based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status and national origin.
  3. Excluded until 1988 from the federal FHA was:
    • Familial Status
    • - Families with one or more children under 18
    • - Parent
    • - Person who has legal custody of child or children
    • - Designee of parent or legal custodian with parent or custodian's written permission
    • - Pregnant women and anyone securing legal custody of a child under 18
  4. The Florida Clean Indoor Air Act provides:
    To protect people from hazards of second-hand tobacco smoke.
  5. The Landlord Tenant Act applies to associations by permitting them to:
    Demand monetary amounts related to parcel/unit where it is occupied by tenant and member is delinquent in payment of any monetary obligation from a tenant
  6. Describe the process for evicting a non-paying tenant.
    F.S. 83.56(3) permits an association to terminate if tenant fails to pay rent when due and default continues for 3 business days after delivery of written demand for payment of amounts due. Association may terminate rental agreement.
  7. In a community that allows towing:
    a. A notice must be posted at:
    b. The sign must state in 2-inch reflective letters:
    c. The sign must state in 4-inch reflective letters:
    d. The sign must be no less than __ feet or more than __ feet above ground level and permanently state ____.
    • a. Prominently placed at each driveway access or curb cut allowing vehicular access to property within 5 feet from public right-o-way line.
    • b. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at owner's expense.
    • c. Tow-Away Zone.
    • d. 3 Feet, 6 feet
  8. The Cardiac Arrest Survival Act provides:
    Any person who uses or attempts to use automated external defibrillator device (AED) on another due to possible medical emergency, so long as individual does  not object, person utilizing such device will be immune from civil liability.
  9. Describe the process for installing a ramp in a HOA.
    • Ramp must be as unobtrusive as possible, be designed to blend in aesthetically as practicable and be reasonably sized for intended use.
    • Plans for ramp must be submitted in advance to homeowners association.
    • Association may make reasonable request to modify design to achieve architectural consistency with surrounding structures and surfaces.
  10. An HOA owner may display a sign for security contractor within __ feet of __ entrance to his home.
    • 10
    • Any
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