Chapter 18

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  1. Provide examples what functions of a community association office.
    • Service to members and residents
    • Oversight of property maintenance, ¬†buildings and other structures such as pool and other recreational facilities.
    • Oversight of capital and office equipment.
    • Provision of security and communications services.
    • Financial, personnel and records management.
    • Arranging for the annual election, board and budget meetings.
  2. Name the individuals with whom a manager would communicate.
    Employees, board and association atty.
  3. Jose wishes to use the Bleue Lagoone Card Room for a party. Can the association charge him any fees? If so, what fees and how much?
  4. What records must an association maintain on its members or shareholders?
    • Name
    • Current address
    • Unit/parcel owned
    • Telephone number (if known)
  5. Where must records be located?
    Easily accessible to staff but inaccessible to unauthorized persons.
  6. Amy is a member and resident of a condo in Homestead. She has asked to see certain financial records. The management company which hold the records is located in Boynton Beach over 50 miles away. Must Amy go to Boynton to obtain those records?
  7. What official records are exempt from member access?
    • A recommendation, opinion or conclusion of litigation strategy or legal opinion of attorney regarding civil or criminal litigation or administrative proceedings.
    • Potential adversarial civil, criminal and/or administrative proceedings until conclusion of such proceedings or until final settlement of litigation or complaint.
    • Information obtained by an association in connection with a lease, sale, or transfer ¬†of ownership/membership application.
    • Personal records.
    • Medical records.
  8. In how many days must an association provide records to members and what is the member's recourse if the board does not provide them within the required time period?
    a. Condo
    b. Coop
    c. HOA
    • a. 5 Business days after receipt of written request. Failure to provide within 10 business days after request may entitle member to damages of $50 per day up to a period of 10 days starting on the 11th day.
    • b. Same
    • c. 10 business days after receipt of a written request by certified mail. Failure of HOA to provide access to its records within 10 business days after request creates a presumption that HOA willfully failed to comply. $50/day up to 10 days starting on the 11th business day after receipt of request.
  9. Service to members and residents
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Association Management

To understand office management procedures. To understand records management requirements. To identify procedures for requesting records. To identify when an association can charge a fee for use of common elements. To understand an association's right of access to a unit.
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