Chapter 20

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  1. What should a job description include? What are the problems of not having a job description?
  2. What should a Human Resources Manual include?
  3. Name 10 agencies that govern human resources.
  4. What are the four factors to consider when hiring?
  5. What should an employee file contain?
  6. Define some differences between a contractor and an employee.
  7. Name 3 ways to avoid complaints of harassment or discrimination.
  8. What key information should you collect when hiring an employee?
  9. Describe the differences, advantages and disadvantages of hourly versus salaried employees.
  10. What question should an employer not ask as they may demonstrate a bias for or against a specific candidate?
  11. When should training occur?
  12. Outline the performance planning and evaluation process and include a brief statement on what each is to accomplish.
  13. What are the four ways an employer can terminate an employee?
  14. What is progressive discipline? What are the usual steps in progressive discipline?
  15. What are 3 unacceptable reasons for dismissing an employee?
  16. What are 5 actions that could result in immediate dismissal?
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Chapter 20
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Human Resource Management

To identify the components of human resource management. To define the chapters in a Personnel Manuel or Employee Handbook. To understand the importance of a position description. To ascertain how to prepare for interview and hire staff. To understand the difference between contract, salaried/job basis, and hourly employees. To recognize the governmental requirements in hiring, training, supervising and terminating employees. To understand performance planning and evaluation and how it relates to the ability of the association to meet its objectives. To understand progressive disciplinary systems.
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