Oral Questions

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  1. As a pilot what do you need to have on you when you fly according to the FAA?
    Current Government Photo ID, Medical, Pilot License
  2. What is operational control?
    Who has operational control?
    • It is the authority to initiate, deviate, continue and terminate a flight
    • Doug, Berry, Bob, Brad can delegate operational control to dispatch and pilots
  3. If a pilot is assigned to fly a trip, do they have operational control?
    They cannot initiate a trip. But they have operational control to complete, deviate, terminate as needed
  4. Who can fly on our aircraft without needing to complete paperwork like we would have to do if they were a paying passenger? 125.331
    • • Crew member
    • • Person necessary for the safe handling of animals
    • • Person necessary for the safe handling of HAZMAT
    • • Person performing duty as a security or honor guard accompanying a shipment made by or under the US government
    • • Military courier that is authorized by the appropriate military service
    • • FAA conducting an enroute inspection
    • • Person authorized by the FAA
  5. When is the first officer not allowed to takeoff, approach, or landing when the following conditions exist?
    135.225 Ops spec. 80% rule, Vis < 3/4 /4000rvr, contamination; braking < good, 15+kts crosswind, windshear, PIC prudence
  6. Can a pax carry a gun?
    If they do can they use their own gun lock of does it have to be Kalittas?
    • Yes. Unloaded and locked 
    • Lock Must be Kalitta's and PIC will hold the key.
  7. When can law enforcement carry a gun on a flight?
    While on duty per the flight
  8. Can Pax smoke on our A/C?
    Yes as long as the no smoking sign is off and medical oxygen is not in use within 10 ft.
  9. Can Pax bring their own alcohol?
    NO. However we can provide them with alcohol but if they have their own we can take it from them and then give it back.
  10. What is the PIC responsibity in an Emergency?
    Securing aircraft (idle cutoff, Fuel shut off and electrical) asst. First officer in evacuation, and taking over duties of first officer if incapacitated. Ch. 14 page. 2
  11. Does everyone have to wear a seat belt? If not what age?
    No, kids under 2
  12. When does the crew have to wear shoulder harness?
    Takeoff and landings, unless it needs to be removed for operational needs
  13. Can we fly without working WX radar?
    Yes, MEL it
  14. What does the (M) and (O) on an MEL item mean?
    Maintenance and operational procedures.
  15. Who do you contact if you are going to MEL an item?
    Director of Maintenance or designated personnel
  16. How do you defer an item and What are the steps to defer an item?
    • Follow the procedures. 
    • 1.Contact Maintence
    • 2.Red placard
    • 3.Log book page
    • 4.MEL sheet in the can.
  17. Can you continue on an approach if the visiabity drops below min?
    Yes, if inside the FAF and cleared for the approach
  18. Can you depart if the Wx at destination drops below min?
    91, yes. 135, yes must be forecast to improve at ETA
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