World War I & Russian Revolution

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  1. Which nation increased military spending the most 1910-1914? 
    Germany, 79%
  2. Which two nations first declared war on each other to start WWI? 
    Austria-Hungary & Serbia
  3. List the Triple Alliance
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
  4. List the Central Power
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
  5. List the Triple Entente nations/Allied
    Britain, France, Russia
  6. Who was assassinated in Sarajevo -- June, 1914 to start the war? 
    Franz Ferdinand
  7. Who assassinated him? 
    Gavrilo Princip
  8. name of the German war plan
    Schlieffen Plan
  9. What was the Schlieffen Plan’s objective
    Get to Paris as quickly as possible by going through Belgium. Knock France out of the war quickly
  10. What tactic led to a stalemate on the Western Front? 
    trench warfare
  11. What tactic resulted from the stalemate? 
  12. In terms of loss of human life, what was the worst single day engagement on the
    Western Front?
    The Somme
  13. How did these nations acquire mass armies? 
    • Draft
    • volunteers
    • colonial armies
  14. What Treaty ended the war in Europe? 
    Treaty of Versailles
  15. Name 3 things the treaty required of Germany after the war. 
    • Reparations
    • loss of colonies
    • limitations on the military
  16. What Russian political party gained control in October 1917? 
  17. Who are the proletariat? 
    Worker class
  18. Who are the bourgeoisie
    wealthy class
  19. What kind of political system was established in Russia after the revolution? 
  20. What treaty ended the war between Russia and Germany? 
    Treaty of Brest Litovsk
  21. What did the New Economic Policy do
    Criminalized possession of private business/some property. Nationalized industry and agriculture in the Soviet Union.
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