ib international agreements, organizations and policies

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  1. advantages of nafta
    • creation of jobs
    • access to better raw materials, talents, capital and technology
    • increase trade among members
    • establishment of standards: health, safety and industrial
    • increase investment opportunities
  2. disadvantages of nafta
    • manufacturing jobs moved to Mexico because of the cheaper labour
    • Mexican farmers where put out by large American Corp Farms
    • suppressed wages in the USA and Canada -
    • labour was focused to worker for less to compete with Mexican labour
  3. Binding:
    powers placed under the legal obligation
    USA owes Canada 5 billion dollars
  5. advantages of eu (8)
    • Advantages of EU:
    • Decreases the risk of exchange-rate fluctuations
    • price transparency
    • elimination of transaction costs
    • easy billing
    • increase markets
    • economic stability
    • enhanced labour movement (if you're a
    • European citizen you can work anywhere in the EU)
  6. disadvantages of the eu (3)
    • initial cost
    • lack of national control
    • loss of tradition
  7. asia pacific economic cooperation
    • Not a trade agreement, it is an organization
    • a trade organization created in 1989, that
    • unities twenty-one of the countries surrounding the Pacific Ocean to co-operate
    • on regional trade.
    • Its goals are to foster OPEN and FREE trade among its members, increase prosperity an economic growth, and develop the Asia Pacific community
    • China, Russia, Canada,  United
    • States, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Australia, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore,
    • Philippines, New Zealand, Indonesia, etc
  8. OPEC
    • organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries 
    • very powerful group of individuals (1970s)
    • -->organization of petroleum exporting companies
    • -->Middle East
  9. world trade organization (WTO)
    • --> An International organization established in 1995 with over 150 members that promotes trade liberalization throughout the world
    • -->opens up borders but it's advocating the
    • richer countries which are taking advantage of poorer countries
    • -->the main purposes of the WTO are:
    •      -->to act as a forum for negotiations
    •      -->to provide a set of rules that have been negotiated and signed by the governments of member countries
    •      -->to offer a forum for dispute settlement
  10. system access fee
    • a non governmental surcharge imposed on most canadian cell phone companies
    • companies claim its for network operation and maintanance charge
  11. G8
    • -->a trade organization encompassing the major economies of the world, which meet to discuss macroeconomic issues such as economic growth, trade liberalization, and helping developing countries
    • -->France,  United States, Japan,
    • Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Russia
  12. G20
    • -->A trade organization established during
    • the economic crisis of the 1990's to provide a discussion forum for the major
    • economies of the world beyond the G8
    • The G20 focuses on:
    • -->economic and employment growth
    • -->elimination of trade barriers
    • -->reforming financial institutions and regulations
    • -->restructuring global financial organizations
  13. world bank
    • -->gives loans to developing countries
    • -->an organization with 186 members countries that provides monetary and technical support for developing countries
    • -->provides loans and grants to assist with education, health, infrastructure, farming, environmental issues, resources management, and other economic concerns
  14. international monetary fund
    • -->an organization whose purpose is to
    • promote financial stability, prevent and solve economic crises, encourage growth, and assuage poverty.
    • -->it does this by:
    •      -->encouraging countries to adopt responsible economic policies
    •      -->lending money to emerging and developing countries
    •      -->providing technical training in areas such as banking regulations and exchange rate policies
  15. NRA  (national riffle association)-
    lobbyist group
  16. CSR corporate social responsibility advantages
    • -Human Resources
    • -Risk Management
    • -Brand Differentiation
    • -Stakeholders Management
    • -Business Development
  17. CSR corporate social responsibility disadvantages
    • -May take management focus away from core business activity
    • -May appear cosmetic without genuine social benefit
    • -May make organization more vulnerable to revelation of bad/unethical business practice
    • -A restriction to free trade
  18. Corporations are only responsible to their shareholders and not to society as a whole
    Milton Freeman
  19. Corporate Corruption
    • -Corporate corruption refers to involvement in illegal activities to further one's business interests
    • -Canadian legislation makes it illegal to engage in practices such as bribes or excessively high commissions in return for business favours under the
  20. CEO
    day to day business
  21. corporation
    • make money
    • Corporations need:
    • Suppliers
    • Government
    • Pensions
    • Local community
    • Employees
    • Shareholders
    • Special Interest groups
  22. Monsanto
    • kill the seed so that it cannot reproduce itself then sell it
    • given to farmers told it will help develop vegetables seeds that enable growers to produce tastier, more nutritious vegetables that help them conserve natural resources.
    • however they must purchase seed every year
  23. Money market fund
    invest money in a company and as economy grows, money of the investor increases
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