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  1. 99% of all yourinvestigation will include?
    Sex, alcohol and narcotics.
  2. Define criminal investigation?
    A person who looks for evidence to find out why and how did the crime took place.
  3. List 3 basis elements of communication?
    Sender, receiver, and understanding.
  4. List 3 psychological needs of an individual?
    Sense of importance, sense of independence, and sense of belonging.
  5. What are the 3 basic objectives of any criminal investigation?
    Identify the suspect, locate the suspect, provide evidence of guilt in a legally admissible way.
  6. sex is not a human need which is not fulfilled does it leads to murder?
  7. When an investigation narrows it down to a particularly suspect is called?
    Focal point of investigation
  8. in order for police officer to arrest a misdemeanor not committed in his presence is an arrest warrant is required?
  9. Define Corpus Delecti?
    The elements of a crime.
  10. Proof of motive that could be used to show intend but is not an element of any crime?
  11. List the 5 individual method searching a crime scene?
    Strip, Double strip, spiral, wheel, zone.
  12. When you evaluate the evidence you collect at the scene the evaluation should be separate into two categorize? What are they?
    does it help to prove identity and Cause and effect
  13. 1.      In order to assure the relevance and admissibility of the crime scene photo, it must depict a____ __ in the case?
  14. In order to introduce physical evidence in court what 3 condition must be met?
    Properly identify evidence,provide chain of custody, relevancy.
  15. Define chain of custody?.
    The accounting of evidence from the moment it’s found to the moment it’s presented in court
  16. A suspect right under Miranda rights apply when he/she is in___  and the police begin to_____him ?
    Custody, interrogation and questioning.
  17. Giving the Miranda warning and having the suspect waive those rights is never sufficient to break the connection between an illegal arrest and statement bias?
  18. Define Admission?
    A self-incriminating statement
  19. Define Confession?
    A direct knowledge of guilt includes every knowledge of the crime
  20. Rape is a general intent crime it could be committed recklessly or neglect.
  21. Define Child Molestation.
    The lewd and lascivious touching of a child under the age of 14 with intent of gratifying your sexual desires
  22. Define Burglary.
    Illegal entry into a building with the purpose of committing an offence usually theft. To engage in the act of burglary.
  23. Burglary is not a lesson defense and does not emerge when any completed crime?
  24. At what point the Burglary is completed?
    Entrée with intent
  25. Suspect original criminal intent does not have to be fulfilled in order to be guilty of burglar?
  26. What does in habitant building means? .
    Having inhabitants use in whole or part for human habitation or case of assembly
  27. 1.      No finger prints will be recover  because observe oil and will be no print over
    _pouress  fabric_
  28. Define homicide..
    The Killing of a human being by another human being
  29. the extinct of a death body is not necessary for a crime of a manslaughter.
  30. Define Express Malice?
    Deliberate intent to take the life of another
  31. Define Implied Malice.
    No deliberate intent to cause someone great bodily injury malice implied reckless disregard.
  32. The malice involved second degree murder is__
  33. Define man slaughter.
    Unlawful killing of another with out malice.
  34. 1.      The passion necessary reduce an intentional killing from murder to involuntary manslaughter is anything arousal great ___________, _______, and ________.
    .fear. anger, jealousy
  35.  Involuntary man slaughter is ______ intend crime.
  36. Site 3 example or justifiable homicide?
    Whole engaged in a lawful act in a lawful manner 2) authorized by law.3) threaten by lethal force you can respond with lethal force
  37. How is death define in the legal system?
    Occurs when respiratory, circulatory and central nervous system all shut down.
  38. 1.      Is evidence of blood stain itself alone is enough identify a suspect?
  39. The best indoor location to find blood?
    The u joint
  40. When should and an autopsy should be perform?
    Anytime a death occurs under mysterious circumstances or untimely death
  41. Indicate the time of death list 3 observational time of death?
    Rigor mortise, livor mortise, algor mortise
  42. A cadaveric spasm is a good indication that the death is not a murder but instead
    presumed suicide.
  43. Define asphyxia.
    Lack of oxygen or excess of carbon dioxide in the body interruption of breathing or inadequate oxygen supply
  44. The bursting of the small(pimple inside the eye)or lips known as  petechial hemorrhaging
  45. When the left wrist or left chest cut are attack by wound the death presume is
    presumed suicide
  46. Self-inflicted wounded area with contain several artificial cuts around wound called?
    __hesitation marks
  47. Suicide is alternative felony misdemeanor.
  48. When the pelvic move is found on the victim of a homicide what positive motive are you looking for?
  49. Wiretap is an invasion  of privacy so has to consent to the for the unless certain exceptional is exist what is?
    consenting party no warrant is needed or natural hearing.
  50. Explain psychological mechanics how a gang is able to hold a person a group?
    By providing a sense of importance feel accepted but they give up their independence , but feel more independent in their mind because there in a gang ,however, they have a boss that why they’re not independent
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