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  1. Monroe Docterin
    • Expressed:
    • 1) The US would oppose any further efforts at colonization by European powers
    • 2) US would abstain from involvement in the wars of Europe 
    • 3) Warned European powers not to interfere with newly independent states of Latin America
  2. Lowell girls
    • NE textile mills relied largely on female and child labor
    • Called "Mill girls"
    • Left home
    • Stayed in a boarding house (paid rent)
  3. Missouri Compromise
    • In order to maintain balance, it admitted missouri as a slave state and main as a free state
    • Determined slavery's status in the Louisiana Purchase
  4. Paternalism
    The act of treating people in a fatherly or motherly manner without giving them rights or responsibilities
  5. Thwat is a skilled slave?
    A slave with a special ability. Such as cooking, welding, mechanic, butler ect
  6. American Anti Slavery Society (AASS)
    • -Dedicated to immediate and uncompensated emancipation and equal rights for all African Americans
    • -Adopted a strategy of moral persuasion
    • -Achieve emancipation through non violent and non political resistance
  7. William Loyd Garrison
    • - Founded and organized American Anti-Slavery Society (AASS)
    • -Believed blacks should be recognized as part of American society
    • -Huge anti slavery activist
  8. Frederick Douglas
    • Born a maryland slave
    • Escaped slavery in 1838
    • Published narrative  of the Life of Frederick Douglas, 1845
    • Opposed colonization
  9. Maria Stewart
    • One of the most controversial female abolitionists in 1830s
    • first women to address male audiences in public
    • Believed political protest was the highest form of obedience to God
  10. Temperance Movement
    The act of regulating or banning the use of alcohol
  11. Seneca Falls Convention 1848
    • A gathering on behalf of women's rights held in the upstate of NY
    • Stated either women have the right to vote or the democratic process is a lie
    • Organized by Elizabeth Candy Stanton
  12. Elizabeth Candy Stanton
    A key organizer of the Seneca Falls Convention
  13. Manifest Destiny
    • A phrase used to urge "westward expansion"
    • Primarily Texas
    • Believed it would give Americans more chance at wealth and prevent fixed social classes like Europe
  14. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    The treaty between US and Mexico. Confirmed the annexation of Texas and ceded CA, NM, AZ and UT.
  15. Indian Removal Act of 1830
    • Law that permitted the negotiation of treaties to obtain the Indians land in exchange for their relocation (Oklahoma)
    • Signed by Andrew Jackson
  16. What tribes were effected by the removal act?
    • Cherokee
    • Chickasaw
    • Choctaw
    • Creek
    • Seminole
  17. The Sea Island Experiment
    • "rehearsal for Reconstruction" 
    • Occupied land on Sea Islands off the coast of SC
    • Dedicated to teaching free blacks
  18. The Wilmont Proviso
    • Proposal to prohibit slavery in any land obtained during the Mexican-American war.
    • Propose by David Wilmont
    • Failed; Shot down by Senate
    • Lead to popular sovereignty & "free land"
  19. Dred Scott
    • A slave
    • Tried to sue for his freedom
    • vs Standford: US court decision ruled that congress could not prohibit slavery in the territories where its allowed (Will violate the 5th amendment)
  20. Harpers Ferry
    • Lead by John Brown
    • An attack on the federal arsenal at Herper's Ferry VA
    • Brown raised funds and enlisted followers for war against slavery
    • Plan made little military sense, they were soon surrounded killed or captured
  21. 1850 Compromise
    • Devised by Senator Henry Clay
    • Admitted CA as a free state 
    • Included a stronger fugitive slave law
    • Delayed determination of NM and UT territories
  22. Kansas Nebraska Act 1854
    • Sponsored by IL Senator Stephen Douglas
    • Allowed territories north of Missouri border to decide on slavery issues
    • Lead to violence in Kansas and the formation of the Republican Party
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