6th grade Math Vocabulary

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  1. The smallest common multiple of a set of two or more numbers. LCM
    Least Common Multiple
  2. The product of a whole number and any other whole number.
  3. Two or more nonzero whole numbers whose greatest common factor is 1.
    Relatively Prime
  4. A special ratio that compares a number to 100 using a symbol (%).
  5. An equation showing that tow ratios are equivalent.
  6. A ratio comparing two different units.
  7. A comparison of two numbers using division.
  8. A number that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers.
    Rational Number
  9. A rate with a denominator of 1.
    Unit rate
  10. An amount.
  11. An integer that divides evenly into another.
  12. The sum stays the same when the grouping of addends is changed. (a + b) + c = a + (b + c)
    Associative Property of Addition
  13. The product stays the same when the grouping of factors is changed. (a x b) x c = a x (b x c)
    Associative property of Multiplication
  14. The sum stay the same when the order of the addends is changed. a + b = b + a
    Commutative Property of Addition
  15. The product stays the same when the order of factors is changed. a x b = b x a
    Commutative Property of Multiplication
  16. a(b + c) = a x b + a x c , where a, b, and c stand for any real numbers.
    Distributive Property
  17. The number that tells how many equal factors there are.
  18. Rules describing what sequence to use in evaluating expressions.
    Order of Operations
  19. A mathematical statement including numbers and operations
    Numeric Expression
  20. A group of numbers, symbols, and variables that express an operation or a series of operations.
    Algebraic expression
  21. A numerical factor in a term of an algebraic expression
  22. Terms that have identical variable parts. (2n and n)
    Like terms
  23. A number, variable, product, or quotient in an expression.  It is not a sum or difference.
  24. A quantity that changes or can have different values.  A symbol, usually a letter, that can stand for different quantity.
  25. Operations that  "undo" each other .  (addition and subtraction)
    Inverse operation
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