General Science Mod 2

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  1. Counter example
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Theory
  4. Scientific law
  5. When someone tells you that “science has proven” something, what should you say?
  6. Does a scientific theory have to make sense?
  7. A feather and a penny are dropped from the top of a building. Which will hit the ground first?
  8. A feather and a penny are dropped down a long tube that has no air in it. Which will hit the bottom
  9. What does it take to destroy a scientific law?
  10. What was the observation that Halley made to form his hypothesis?
  11. What was his hypothesis?
  12. What was the experiment that confirmed his hypothesis?
  13. Regular appearances of Halley’s comet have been found in history as far back as 2,000 years ago. Is the existence of Halley’s comet a theory or a scientific law?
  14. Put the following steps of the scientific method into their proper order:
    a. Form a hypothesis
    b. Theory is now a law
    c. Make observations
    d. Hypothesis is now a theory
    e. Perform experiments to confirm the hypothesis
    f. Perform many experiments over several years
  15. If a hypothesis does not agree with the experiment designed to confirm it, what two choices do you have?
  16. If a theory does not agree with the experiments designed to test it, what two choices do you have?
  17. In the text, I told you about Lowell’s belief that there were canals on Mars. Name the observations that led to his hypothesis and the experiments used to confirm it.
  18. Why was the discovery of high-temperature superconductors so startling to scientists?
  19. What are the three limitations of science?
  20. Can science be used to study events that will never, ever happen again?
  21. Can science be used to study religious ideas?
  22. When I applied the scientific method to Christianity, what were the observations I used to form a hypothesis about the Bible?
  23. What was my hypothesis?
  24. What were the experiments I designed to confirm the hypothesis?
  25. Did I prove my hypothesis?
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