Physics - periodic motion, sound, waves

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  1. Frequency

    units: Hz = 1/s
  2. Angular frequency

  3. Hooke's law
    Restoring force of a spring

    • k = spring constant
    • x = displacement
  4. Angular frequency of a spring
    • oscillations/s
  5. potential energy of a spring
  6. kinetic energy of a spring
  7. Restoring force of a pendulum

    θ= angle between pendulum arm and vertical
  8. Angular frequency of a pendulum

    L= length of arm
  9. Potential energy of a pendulum

    • h = height difference from equilibrium
    • At maximum displacement, potential energy is maximum
  10. Speed of a wave
    v = fλ

    for light: c = fλ

    c= 3 x 108

    λ = wavelength
  11. Length of pipe open at both ends
    • n= harmonic
  12. Length of pipe closed at one end
  13. Intensity of sound
    • intensity is the average rate per unit area that energy is transferred across a perpendicular surface by the wave.
    • P = power
    • A = amplitude
  14. Sound level

    I= lowest intensity of hearing
  15. BEat frequency
  16. Doppler effect

    • vd = velocity of detector. Negative If source stops and detector is moving away.
    • vs =velocity of source. Negative if detector stops and source is moving towards.
    • v = speed of sound in air
    • f' = perceived frequency
    • f = actual frequency

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