Neuro Ch 1-3

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  1. Superior temporal sulcus
    • Located in the temporal lobe
    • Just inferior to Lateral sulcus
    • Superior temporal gyrus is located superiorly
  2. Precentral sulcus
    • located anterior to central sulcus
    • contains motor neurons
  3. Postcentral sulcus
    • located posterior to central sulcus
    • Contains somesthetic neurons
  4. Boundaries of the occipital lobe
    • Parieto-occipital sulcus
    • Preoccipital notch
  5. Calcarine sulcus
    • located on the medial surface of the occipital lobe
    • horizontally oriented
    • surrounded by calcarine cotex on either side
  6. Cingulate sulcus
    located anterior to corpus callosum on a medial view
  7. Marginal branch of the cingulate sulcus
    extends from the cinculate sulcus and runs along the medial surface up to the superior surface of the brain
  8. Brodmann numbers
    • cerebral cortex is divided into 52 areas according to their histological differences
    • Some have distinct neurological functions and are routinely referred to clinically by their brodmann number
  9. Brodmann area 4
    • Primary motor area
    • Located anterior to the central sulcus (precentral gyrus)
    • Generates neural impulses that control the execution of movement
  10. Somatotopic map
    Map of cortex and the sulcus/gyri and what they effect
  11. Homunculus
    disproportionate part of somatotopic map showing that some parts of the body require much more neural input for finer control
  12. Brodmann area 6
    • Secondary motor cortex
    • Premotor cortex
    • Anterior part of the precentral gyrus and the adjacent superior frontal gyrus
    • Responsible for programming the activity of area 4, also mediates sensory guidance of movement, controlling postural muscles of the body
  13. Brodmann area 8
    • Frontal eye field
    • Anterior to the primary and premotor cortex
    • Controls voluntary scanning movements of the eyes
  14. Brodmann area 44
    • Part of Broca's motor speech area along with area 45
    • Located inferior to the frontal eye field
    • Dedicated to language; formulating words and communicate in order to control the muscles involved in speaking
    • Lesion here produces motor aphasia due to difficulty in articulating words
  15. Prefrontal cortex
    • Brodmann area 9, 10, 11 and 12
    • Anterior to frontal eye field and Broca's area
    • Responsible for personality, motivation, planning, and judgement
  16. Primary somatosensory cortex
    • Brodmann area 1,2,3
    • Located in the postcentral gyrus
    • Receives afferent information regarding tactile discrimination and position sense
  17. Secondary somatosensory area
    • Brodmann area 40
    • Located posterior to the postcentral gyrus
    • Forms the superior border of the lateral sulcus
    • Responsible for the sensation of pain
  18. Sensory association cortex
    • Brodmann area 5 and 7
    • located posterior to the primary sensory cortex and superior to the secondary sensory area
    • Located in parietal lobe
    • Responsible for tactile and visual cues
    • Lesion here is associated with neglect syndrome (patient does not recognize opposite side of body as their own)
  19. Primary visual cortex
    • Brodmann area 17
    • surrounds the Calcarine fissure
    • Responsible for the perception of vision
  20. Secondary Visual Cortex
    • Brodmann area 18, 19
    • surrounds primary visual cortex both superiorly and inferiorly and laterally
    • interpret information from primary visual cortex so brain can make sense of visual stimuli
    • Lesion here causes visual agnosia (failure to understand the meaning or use of an object)
  21. Primary Auditory Cortex
    • Brodmann area 41 and 42
    • Medial surface of superior temporal gyrus; also known as the transverse gyrus of Heschl
  22. Brodmann area 22
    Contains both the auditory association cortex and Wernicke's area (responsible for interpretation of written and spoken language) (lesion in WA causes sensory aphasia where the formulation of words is normal but the use of words is inappropriate)
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