Avian Medicine: Non-Infectious Diseases

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  1. Truama includes:FDCB
    • fractures
    • dislocations
    • ceiling fan injuries
    • bumblefoot
  2. What bird usually has feather plucking syndrome?
    African Grey
  3. Causes of feather plucking syndrome:BSIE
    • boredom
    • stress
    • improper molding
    • ectoparasites
  4. Shouls an E-collar be used for feather plucking syndrome?
  5. What bird usually gets egg binding?
  6. What can egg binding cause?
  7. Egg binding is usually due to a lack of what in the diet?
  8. Egg binding usually resolves itself with little treatment, but for severe and reoccuring cases where the egg has to physically be removed what is the best treatment?
  9. Excessive egg laying occurs in what 4 birds?
    • budgies
    • chickens
    • love birds
    • cockatiels
  10. Excessive egg laying depletes the body of what?
  11. Chronic egg layers are predisposed to what?
    egg binding
  12. What is the word for removal of the uterus in the bird?
  13. What are the two treatments for chronic egg laying?
    • spay
    • oral testosterone
  14. How is egg binding dx?
    • palpation
    • x-ray
  15. What may induce egg laying?ESTHM
    • environment
    • season
    • temp
    • humidity
    • male
  16. What are reasons a bird would vomit or reguritate? CB,LP,FB,CS
    • courtship behavior
    • lead poisoning
    • foreign body
    • crop stasis
  17. What 2 metals commonly cause toxicity in birds. (from old pennies, bells, monopoly pieces,etc)
    • zinc
    • lead
  18. Are inhalents and plants toxic to birds?
    yes they can be
  19. What 3 inhalents are commonly toxic to birds? TFC
    • teflon from non-stick cookware
    • fatty droplets from cooking
    • cleaners
  20. What does a PTFE toxicity stand for?
  21. What other 3 things are toxic to birds? PAC
    • peanuts if moldy
    • avocado
    • chocolate
  22. What bird is predisposed to hypocalcemia?
    African Grey
  23. What is the common c.s. for hypocalcemia?
  24. What is the cause of hypocalcemia?
    all seed diet
  25. WhaWhat is the cause of hypovitaminosis A?
    all seed diet
  26. c.s. hypovitaminosis A: PEPS
    • papillae are blunted
    • erosions ofn feet
    • poor feather.skin health
    • secondary infx
  27. What should be fed to prevent hypovitaminosis: P,DYV
    • pellets
    • dark yellow vegetables(sweet potatoes, carrots)
  28. Crop burns are from
    formula/gruel >105F
  29. Are signs of crop burning immediate?
    no could take 10 days
  30. What can form after a crop burn?
  31. How should formula be warmed to avoid crop burns?
    • warm water bath
    • never a microwave
  32. Hemochromatosis is
    iron storage dz aka excess in iron
  33. What bird gets hemochromatosis the most?
  34. In hemochromatosis how much of the liver is damaged before you notic the c.s. of ascites and dyspnea?
  35. What is the deposition of uric acid around the joints, pericardial sac, and visceral organs?
  36. Who is predisposed to gout?
  37. Causes of gout: SODS
    • seed diet
    • obesity
    • dec activity
    • slow metabolism
  38. Is treatment for gout successful?
  39. Bumblefoot is AKA for
  40. Causes of bumblefoot:OP
    • obesity(all seed diet)
    • perches not varying in diameter(for circulation)
  41. What other 2 non-infectious diseases where mentioned in class?
    • DM
    • cloacal prolapse (w/egg binding)
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