PDHPE - What influences the health of individuals?

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  1. what determinants of health does ISSuE stand for?
    • I - individual
    • S - sociocultural
    • - socioeconomic
    • E - environmental
  2. acronym for ISSUE?
    • I
    • Geneticts
    • Attetudes
    • Skills
  3. SOCIOCULTURAL factors?
    • S
    • Peers
    • Religion
    • Family
    • Media
    • Aboriginality
    • Culture
  4. SOCIOECONOMIC factors?
    • Su
    • Income
    • Education
    • Employment
  5. ENVIRONMENTAL factors?
    • E
    • Geographic location
    • Access to health services
    • Technology
  6. how does FAMILY influence an individual?
    family breakdown can have a negative social and health consequences for both children and parents.

    children in single parent homes = poorer health because may experience lower incomes and unemployment
  7. how does PEERS influence an individual?
    A persons peers can either have a positive or negative affect on their decision making 

    • e.g. = doing physical activity
    •       = high-risk behaviour
  8. how does MEDIA influence an individual?
    media influences:

    • socialisation
    • values
    • developent
    • opinions
    • knowledge

    e.g. entire shows dedicated to good health and positive lifestyle behaviours
  9. how does RELIGION influence an individual?
    has health-enhancing benefits:

    • -social support
    • -sense of meaning and purpose
    • -belief system
    • -clear moral code

    • not beneficial
    • -rejecting same sex
    • -failure to conform (no sex before marriage)
    • -lead to stress and guilt = poor health
  10. how does CULTURE influence an individual?
    can have both positive and negative impacts on health

    • -ethnicity can be related to low socioeconomic status
    • -social exclusion and isolation
    • -prior hardships (refugees experience mental issues)
    • -language difficulties = low access to health services
  11. how does ABORIGINALITY influence individuals?
    health status among indigenous people is lower than non-indigenous australians

    • e.g. 
    • -higher mortality and morbidity rates 
    • -higher unemployment
    • -racism 
    • -geographic location
    • -inadequate housing
    • -lower education
  12. how does KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDES influence individuals?
    having knowledge about health enables a person to:

    • -make informed health decisions
    • -make choices about behaviours
    • -access health services when required

    • everything combined:
    • -influence health behaviours
    • -influence present and future health status
  13. how does GENETICS influence an individual?
    certain diseases are known to be inherited:

    • ☺athsma
    • ☺type-1 diabetes
    • ☺heart disease
    • ☺some cancers
  14. how does EMPLOYMENT influence an individual?
    unemployed people = higher mortality, illness and disability

    • lack of work:
    • -reduces ability to buy health products
    • -strong psychological and social impacts
    •   ☐alienation
    •   ☐poor self esteem
    •   ☐shame
    • -low skilled jobs = high mortality and morbidity
  15. how does EDUCATION influence and individual?
    higher education = better employment prospects

    • provides knowledge and skills to:
    • -achieve a healthy life style  
    • -gain better access to health services
  16. how does INCOME influence an individual?
    • high education = better employment
    • better employment = higher income
    • high income = better housing, health care, preventive health measures (gym, healthy food)
  17. how does GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION influence an individual?
    • rural areas:
    • low incomes
    • low access to health services
    • social pressures
    • high suicide rate
    • high alcohol consumption and smoking
    • hazards (farming and mining machines and long distance drives)
  18. how does ACCESS TO HEALTH SERVICES influence an individual?
    non-english speaking 

    • -use traditional health treatments
    • -not as informed of risky behaviours (smoking is the norm)
  19. how does ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY influence individuals?
    remote areas:

    • -travel to access health and social supper services (costs $)
    • -public trasport = expensive or non-existent 
    • -great risk of poor physical and social well-being (from limit to health services)

    • reliable access to internet is required
    • will provide:
    • -information
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