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  1. cutane/o
  2. derm/o, dermat/o
  3. hidr/o
  4. hirsut/o
    hairy, hough
  5. kerat/o
    horny, hard
  6. lip/o
    lipid, fat
  7. melan/o
    black, dark
  8. myc/o
  9. onych/o
    fingernail or toenail
  10. pil/i, pil/o
  11. py/o
  12. rhytid/o
  13. seb/o
  14. urtic/o
    rash, hives
  15. xer/o
  16. albinism
    genetic condition characterized by deficiency or absence of pigment in skin, hair, and irises.
  17. alopecia
    baldness; partial or complete loss of hair, most commonly on scalp
  18. bi/o-
  19. biopsy
    removal of a small piece of living tissue for examination to identify or confirm diagnosis
  20. carbuncle
    cluster of connected furuncles (boils)
  21. cellulitis
    acute, rapidly spreading bacterial infection within connective tissues. Malaise, swelling, warmth, and red streaks.
  22. comedo
    whiteheads & blackheads. Noninfected lesion cause by buildup of sebum and keratin in a hair follicle.
  23. cyst
    abnormal sac containing gas, fluid, or semisolid material.
  24. folliculitis
    inflammation of hair follicle common in arms, legs, and men's beards
  25. furuncle
    boil. Large, tender, swollen areas caused by infection around sebaceous glands
  26. granulation tissue
    forms normally when a wound heals. Will eventually form the scar.
  27. lupus erythematosus
    Auto-immune disorder characterized by a red scaly rash on face and upper trunk. Also attacks connective tissue.
  28. macule
    discolored flat spot that is < 1cm in diameter.
  29. Moh's surgery
    Method of removing skin cancer in which individual layers of cancerous tissue are removed until a margin of healthy tissue is reached.
  30. nevi
    moles; develops from melanocytes
  31. onychomycosis
    fungal infection of nail
  32. pruitus
    itching; associated with most forms of dermatitis
  33. psoriasis
    chronic skin disorder characterized by red papules covered with silvery scales.
  34. purpura
    multiple purple areas of discoloration caused by bleeding underneath skin
  35. scabies
    infestation of itch mites. Small, itchy bumps and blisters
  36. sebaceous glands
    gland that secrete sebum in the dermis layer of skin. closely associated with hair follicle
  37. sebaceous cyst
    closed sac found just under the skin containing yellow, fatty material.
  38. seborrhea
    excessive discharge of sebum
  39. seborrheic dermatitis
    inflammation usually caused by seborrhea that causes scaling and itching of upper layers of skin and scalp
  40. seborrheic keratosis
    benign skin growth that has a waxy, pasted on look. Most common in the elderly.
  41. strawberry hemangioma
    small, raised pink or red vascular birthmark
  42. subungual hematoma
    blood trapped under a finger or toenail
  43. urticaria
    hives; itchy red wheals caused by allergies
  44. verrucae
    warts; small hard skin lesions caused by human pappiloma virus
  45. vesicle
    small blister <0.5cm in diameter containing watery fluid.
  46. vitiligo
    skin condition characterized by irregular patches of depigmented skin and possibly hair. Caused by destruction of melanocytes.
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