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  1. Current PM of Malaysia
    Nygee Brazak
  2. Main opposition candidate in Malaysia
    Amwar Ibrahim
  3. This company now supports an online sales tax
  4. This organizations two candidates are both Latin
  5. Mexican candidate for WTO
    Emilio Blanco
  6. Brazil candidate for WTO
    Roberto Azervedo
  7. This city has revived its ww2 name
  8. Leader of Hezbullah
    Hassan Nazrallah
  9. New pm of Italy
    Enrico Letta
  10. President of Ukraine
    Victor Kanukovych
  11. Former president of Ukraine that was arrested
    Yulia Temoshenko
  12. New president of Venezuela
    Nicolas Moduro
  13. Head of the opposition In Venezuela
    Henrique Radonski
  14. Current ruling party of Bangladesh
    Awami League
  15. Guy arrested in NK
    Kenneth Bae
  16. Head committee of the CCP
  17. This man and country have launched a dream campaign
    Xi XingPing
  18. Kay Hagan is a senator from this state
  19. New president of Pakistan
    Nariz Sharif
  20. President of Nigeria
    Goodluck Johnathan
  21. Group in Nigeria that has attacked in the north east
    Boko Haram
  22. Governor of Oklahoma
    Mary Fallin
  23. Head of the European Central Bank
    Mario Draghi
  24. President of Ivory Coast
    Alassane Ouattara
  25. President of Senegal
    Maki Sall
  26. Charlie Crist used to be part of this state
  27. President of Uganda
    Yoweri Museveni
  28. President of DRC
    Joseph Kabila
  29. President of Liberia
    Ellen Sirleaf
  30. Party of Merkel
    Christian Democratic Union
  31. Party of Enrico Letta
  32. PM of Italy before Enrico Letta
    Mario Monti
  33. Party of Berlusconi
    People of Freedom
  34. Woman who challenged Sarkozy
    Segolene Royal
  35. PM of Japan
    Shinzo Abe
  36. In power party in Japan
    Liberal Democratic Party
  37. Philadelphia Doctor that just got arrested
    Kermit Gosnell
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