Mod C Final Review

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  1. why do we invert the dental dam
    to prevent leakage
  2. what does not describe the surgical suction tip
    beveled working end
  3. how often should you maintain the evac system
    d all of the above
  4. why do you punch a size 5 hole in the dental dam
    for the anchor hole/tooth ... clamp
  5. characteristic for isolation
    isolation should be comfortable for the patient
  6. isolation for anterior teeth is usually
    canine to canine
  7. piece of the dental dam that stabilizes and stretches
    the clamp
  8. patient with a history of ____ should not be treated using a vasoconstrictor
    myocardial infarction
  9. represents the lowest ratio
  10. anesthesia syringe consists of all except
    piston rod
  11. which nerve is anesthetized for tooth #31
    inferior alveolar nerve
  12. which type of local would you use for someone who has had a history of heart attacks or problems
    carbicaine plain
  13. for someone with acute infection, anesthesia will not be as effective because of
  14. causes paresthesia
    d all of the above
  15. 4 stages of anesthesia
    stage #1
  16. what is it when you remove debris and clean the canal
  17. determines the length
    working length film
  18. if the pulp is irritated and they use thermal sensitivity testing and find a negative result, the diagnosis will be
    irreversible pulpitits
  19. root canal
  20. what is not true about endo
  21. instrument used to remove decay
    spoon excavator
  22. procedure where root and part of the tooth are removed
  23. endodontist must pass
    BOARD of oral and maxillofacial surgery
  24. surgical procedures are performed
    in a private office and hospital setting (a&c)
  25. oral surgery instrument after use should be cleaned and classified as
  26. removes root and crown in one piece
  27. maintaining a ______ field
    both aseptic and sterile
  28. in invasive procedures, you will use:
    prepackaged sterile gloves
  29. forceps extraction:
    can only use if the crown is intact
  30. how much more school for endodontist
    4-6 years
  31. DA must have skills in
    d all of the above
  32. hospitals will grant oral surgery
    if they have room
  33. used to loosen the tooth
    straight elevator
  34. surgical scrub is done for
    5 min
  35. not true about forcep extraction
    a simple extraction is not considered a surgery
  36. not true about sutures
    absorbable sutures need to be removed in 5-7 days
  37. cold pack for swelling:
    20 min on 20 min off
  38. post op instructions
    d all of the above
  39. not true of dry socket
    dry sockets do not hurt and immediately occur after removal
  40. determine the level of anesthesia
    poke gums with an explorer
  41. purpose of luxating
    to compress the bone and loosen the socket
  42. legion 2.5 cm long on the lateral border of the tongue
    incisional biopsy
  43. government agency contacted if child abuse is suspected
    Child protective services
  44. routinely provided in pediatrics
    d all of the above
  45. temp matrix for a child
  46. what is fabricated to people who play touch sports
    mouth guard
  47. premature loss of a primary tooth
    space maintainer
  48. provides full coverage for primary teeth
    stainless steel crowns
  49. treatment planning
    pocket probing
  50. sizing stainless steel crowns
    both b and c
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