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  1. To determine the sequence of interviews it is useful to identify?
    The most likely and least likely to be involved
  2. What is the traditional interview sequence?
    Move from individuals who are not involved to those who are more likely involved
  3. When determining the sequence of interviews what is the Secondary Strategy?
    Approach the primary suspect early
  4. What are the reasons for gaining information about the interviewee?
    Make it easier for the interrogator to establish rapport and anticipate the subjects scope of knowledge

    Anticipate possible subject reactions to questions and points of potential resistance

    May provide the interrogator with insight into the possible motives of the crime and rationalization/themes

    Helps identify the type of accusation that might be productive

    May also preict the subjects behaviour during past interviews or interrogations

    Helps to identify possible involvement in other crimes
  5. What do you need to consider when determining policy and procedure for dealing with union representation, lawyers and parents ?
    Weingarten Decision - Unions

    Garrity Rule - Police
  6. What are reasonable accommodations?
    • Special needs
    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Translator
    • Bathroom facilities
    • Water
  7. What do you need to consider when considering the time and location for the interview?
    • Location
    • Single most important factor is Privacy


    Be aware of reminders of punishment in the room as they can remind an individual of the seriousness of the crime

    Availability of suppliers without leaving the room
  8. Is there a statutory requirement for witnesses in an interview? 
  9. What is the role of the witness in an interview?
    Act as an observer, noting what occurs and making special note of any admissions made by the suspect
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