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  1. what is the phase to phase voltage of a delta system?
  2. what is the phase to phase voltage of a wye system?
    it is 2 times the neutral voltage
  3. how are switches defined and categorized?
    by the number of poles and throws
  4. ladder diagrams are known as elementary diagrams
  5. how are contacts of a drum switch manipulated?
    rotation of the switch
  6. drum switches are capable of handling currents larger than normal pilot devices
  7. what are limit switches composed of?
    actuator and contacts
  8. what are the 2 most common types of proximity switches?
    inductive and capacitive
  9. what are 2 types of starter motors?
    manual and magnetic
  10. the first thing to do when troubleshooting relays is_____
    check for voltage
  11. why are overload relays used?
    to protect the motor
  12. how are seal in contacts placed relative to start button contacts?
  13. what configuration do push buttons usually come in?
    normally open and normally closed
  14. which starter is operated by a coil inside the contactor?
    magnetic starter
  15. what are AC motors primarily composed of?
    stator, rotor, and end plates
  16. what are the 3 basic parts of a DC motor?
    frame, end plates and armature
  17. what determines the speed of an AC induction motor?
    the # of poles... more poles make less speed and more power. less poles make more speed and less power.
  18. what are the 2 windings of a single phase motor?
    run and start
  19. if poles are removed from an AC motor, speed and horsepower will NOT increase
  20. how do you change rotation on a 3 phase motor?
    swapping 2 leads or using a drum switch
  21. what would happen to a single phase AC motor if run winding and start winding were left energized?
    they would burn up
  22. what is the opposition of electron flow in a DC circuit?
  23. what is an AC wave form called?
    sine wave
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