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  1. Rate at which two gases diffuse
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    • r= rate
    • m= molar masses of each gas
  2. Boyle's law - relating volume and pressure
    • PV = k
    • or 
    • P1V= P2V2

    moles and temperature are constant (isothermal)
  3. Charle's law - relating volume and temperature
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    • or
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  4. Dalton's law of partial pressures
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  5. Pressure of a gas
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    X = mols of species/total moles
  6. Gram equivalent weight
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    n = number of monovalent particles produced
  7. Number of equivalents
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  8. Rate law
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  9. Equilibrium constant
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  10. reaction quotient

    same as equilibrium constant
  11. Enthalpy
    • positive change in enthalpy - endothermic
    • negative change in enthalpy - exothermic
  12. Standard heat of a reaction - ΔHorxn
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    Same reaction for standard enthalpy and gibbs free energy of a reaction
  13. Enthalpy of a reaction
    ΔH(reactants to products) + ΔH(products to reactants

    for all state functions
  14. Entropy
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  15. Gibbs Free energy
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    positive change in free energy - nonspontaneous

    negative change in free energy - spontaneous
  16. Change in free energy with respect to keq
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    higher equilibrium constant = more negative change in free energy = more spontaneous
  17. Determining free energy for a rxn in progress
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