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  1. gettys burg address
    • dead shall not hazve died in vain
    • end slavery
    • preserve democracy
  2. edward everett
    talked about battle of gettysberg
  3. 1860's
    war with indians, ending slavery,
  4. homestead act
    • government gave you 40 aacres if you
    • lived on it for 5 yrs
    • if you improved it
  5. grenville dodge
    • knew the most about railroads and gave lincoln intel on where to buy lots.
    • repaired railroads quickly
  6. crocker
    hired first chinese workers for the railroad, out of desperation
  7. Collis Huntington
    • sold food on passage to sacramento
    • one of the big 3
  8. Hopkins
    Partners up with collins when buying supplies because they both realize they can make more money that way.
  9. All supplies used to build railroads
    came from the east
  10. 4 reasons chinese workers were good
    • did any work
    • worked smart
    • didnt swear
    • practiced hygene
  11. may 10, 1869
    • railroad tracks meet at promatery point in utah
    • railroad is complete!
  12. Railroads
    Destroyed indian culture
  13. Nat turner
    rebellion in 1821 that killed the most men
  14. Andrew Jackson
    • War hero
    • responsible for indian removal act 1849
    • nullification crisis
    • threaten to invade south carolina
    • henry clay resolved
  15. James K Polk
    • 54 40 or fight
    • take oregan territory or fight
    • compromise with british
  16. 1869
    mexican war breaks out
  17. mexican war
    • america takes half of mexican territory
    • treaty of guadalupe hidalgo
  18. Expansionary pres
    • Andrew Johnson (alaska)
    • James k Polk (mexico)
    • Jefferson (Louisiana purchase)
  19. Henry Clay
    • Known as the great compromiser
    • supported union
    • 1820 missouri compromise
    • comp of nullification crisis
    • comp of 1850 made cali a free state
    • whig, lincoln adored clay
  20. Jefferson
    Believed to free slaves by slowly freeing them and shipping them out of america
  21. Harriet beacher stow
    • wrote uncle toms cabin
    • conductor of the "underground railroad"
  22. John Brown
    • fought to end slavery
    • harriet considered him christ like
  23. Charles summer
    • talked about crim against kansas
    • beat badly by PRESTON BROOKS and takes it takes 3 months to heal
  24. Davis
    • President of confederate states
    • better resume than lincoln
  25. grants tomb
    ulysses s grant and wife julia are burried in it
  26. Liberator
    abolitionist newspsper published by william lloyd garrison
  27. alexis de tocqueville
    wrote democracy in america vol 1 and 2
  28. william henry harrison
    • president for 32 days then dies
    • President that serves the shortest time in office
    • tippy canoe and tyler too
  29. Daniel webster
    • politician from massachusets
    • supported union
  30. steven douglass
    • sen from illinois pushes henry clays compromise through congress
    • 1854 compromise with southern states, kan and nev to be slave states
    • lost to lincoln in 1860
  31. fredrick douglass
    admits kansas nebraska act was a mistake
  32. John quincy adams
    contest election with andrew and wins
  33. henry wadsworth longfellow
    wrote the song I heard the bells on christmas day
  34. george katlin
    drew indians
  35. william beaumonte
    first to research the digestive system
  36. marlon
    first to use ether to put people to sleep
  37. syvester ggram
    • nutritionist
    • made grahm cracker to reduce lustful tendency and improve health of americans
    • wanted basic rights for women
  38. beauregard
    april 12, 1861 battle of fort sumpter beginning of civil war
  39. sept 17 1862
    • battle of antietam bloodiest day in america
    • turning point,
    • lincoln gives emancipation proclamation
  40. date of gettysberg address
    nov 19, 1863
  41. date lee surrenders to grant, end of civil war
    april 16, 1865
  42. william sherman
    • northern general
    • march to sea
  43. braxton brag
    • argues with everyone
    • only friend was the president
  44. stonewall jackson
    • worked well with lee
    • confed general
    • dies @ chancellorsville
  45. lydia bixby
    • lost 5 sons in union
    • lincoln writes condolances
  46. antebellum
    before the civil war
  47. willmot proviso
    supply mexican war
  48. alamo
    mexicans won the battle
  49. cherokee
    one of the many indian tribes forced to leave
  50. whigs and democrats
  51. republican
  52. amalgamation
    believe society should be integrated with different ethnicities
  53. mini ball
    created by manay
  54. potamonomy creek
    john brown slaughters southeners
  55. fugitive slave act
    help southeners retrieve their slaves
  56. batle of getty
    • july 4 1863 turning point in war
    • oct 1863 lincoln proclaims day of thanksgiving
  57. harpers ferry
    john brown attacks fed arsenal
  58. slave states that stayed in union
    delaware maryland kentucky missouri
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