Verbs followed by -ing

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  1. enjoy
    • I enjoy reading.
    • When I'm on holiday, I enjoy not having to get up early.
  2. mind
    Would you mind closing the door?
  3. suggest
    Chris suggested going to the cinema.
  4. stop
    Suddenly everybody stopped talking. There was silence.
  5. finish
    I'll do the shopping when I've finished cleaning the flat.
  6. avoid
    He tried to avoid anwering my question.
  7. fancy
    I don't fancy going out this evening. (I'm not enthusiastic about it.)
  8. consider
    Have you ever considered going to live in another country?
  9. postpone = put off
    Shall we postpone painting the kitchen until next weekend?
  10. imagine
    I imagined living in another country.
  11. deny
    She deny eating spinach.
  12. risk
    Hurry up! I don't want to risk missing the train.
  13. admit
    Jane admit stealing from the shop
  14. give up = (stop)
    I've given up reading newspapers. I think it's a waste of time.
  15. go on / carry on = (continue)
    Jenny doesn't want to retire. She wants to go on working.
  16. keep or keep on
    You keep on interrupting when I'm talking!
  17. being done/seen/kept
    I don't mind been kept waiting. =(I  don't mind people keeping me...)
  18. When you are talking abot a finished action:
    having done/stolen/said etc.
    They admitted having stolen the money.

    Or without having:

    • They admitted stealing the money.
    • I now regret saying (havig said) what I said.
  19. admit / deny / suggest + that
    • They denied that they had stolen  the money.
    • = They denied stealing the money.

    • Sam suggested that we went to the cinema.
    • = Sam suggested going to the cinema.
  20. Talk about
    We talked about going to America.
  21. Apologise for
    • You must apologise for not telling the truth.
    • I apologised to them for keeping them waiting.
  22. Succeed in
    Have you succeeded in finding a job yet?
  23. Insist on
    They insisted on paying for the meal.
  24. Think of
    I'm thinking of buying a house.
  25. Dream of
    I wouldn't dream of asking them of money.
  26. Approve of
    • He doesn't approve of swearing.
    • I don't approve of people killing animals for fun.
  27. Decide against
    We have decided against moving to London.
  28. Feel like
    Do you feel like going out tonight.
  29. Look forward to
    • I'm looking forward to meeting her.
    • We are all looking forward to Peter coming home.
  30. Congratulate on
    I congratulated Liz on getting a new job.
  31. Accuse of
    • They accused us of telling lies.
    • Passive:
    • We were accused of telling lies.
  32. Suspect of
    • Nobody suspected the general of being a spy.
    • passive:
    • The general was suspected of being a spy.
  33. Prevent from
    What prevented you from coming to see us?
  34. Stop from
    • The rain didn't stop us from enjoying our holiday.
    • Or: The rain didn't stop us enjoying our holiday.
  35. Thank for
    I forgot to thank them for helping me.
  36. Excuse for
    Excuse me for being so late.
  37. Forgive for
    Please forgive me for not writing to you.
  38. It's no use
    There's nothing you can do about the situation, so it's no use worrying about it.
  39. It's no good
    It's no good trying to persuade me. You won't succeed.
  40. There's no point in
    • There's no point in having a car if you never use it. There was no point in waiting any longer, so we went.
    • What's the point of having a car if you never use it?
  41. It's (not) worth
    • I live only a short walk from here, so it's not worth taking a taxi.
    • Our flight was very early in the morning, so it wasn't worth going to bed.
    • What was the film like? Was it worth seeing?
    • Thieves broke into the house but didn't take anything. There was nothing worth stealing.
  42. Have difficulty
    • I had no difficulty finding a place to live.
    • did you have any difficulty getting a visa?
    • People often have difficulty reading my writing.
  43. Have trouble
    I had no trouble finding a place to live.
  44. A waste of money
    It's a waste of money buying things you don't need.
  45. A waste of time
    • It was a waste of time reading that book. It was rubbish.
    • I waste a lot of time day-dreaming.
  46. Spend time
    He spent hours trying to repair the clock.
  47. Busy
    She said she couldn't see me. She was too busy doing other things.
  48. Go swimming
    go fishing
    go climbing
    go jogging
    How often do you go swimming?
  49. Go skiing
    I'd like to go skiing.
  50. Go shopping
    Go sightseeing
    When did you last go shoping?
  51. Go sailing
    I've never been sailing. Gone been!
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