Verbs followed by -to

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  1. decide
    It was late, sowe decided to take a taxi home.

    Have you decided where to go for your holidays?
  2. agree
    Simon was in a difficult situation, so I agreed to help him.
  3. learn
    How old were you when you learnt to drive?

    = learnt how to drive
  4. fail
    I waved to Karen but failed to attract her attention.
  5. promise
    I promised not to be late.
  6. decide
    We decided not to go out because of the weather.
  7. threaten
    Our neighbour threatened to call the police if we didn't stopthe noise.
  8. offer
    He offered to carry her bag.
  9. arrange
    They arranged to meet at 8 o'clock.
  10. refuse
    She refused to tell him her name.
  11. plan
    We plan to make an airplane model.
  12. hope
    They hope to arrive on time.
  13. deserve
    Moussambani deserved to swim on the Olympic games.
  14. afford
    They don't have much money.They can't afford to go out very often.
  15. manage
    @The firm managed to go on the manufacturing.
  16. forget
    I forgot to carry my keys.
  17. seem
    + be doing
    • They seem to have plenty of money.
    • You seem to have lost weight.
    • =(it seems that you have lost weight.)

    Martin seems to be enjoying his new job. =(it seems that he is enjoying it.)
  18. pretend
    + be doing
    Ann pretended not to see me when she passed me in the street.

    I pretended to be reading the newspaper.
  19. dare
    • I wouldn't dare to tell him. OR
    • I wouldn't dare tell him.

    • But only:
    • I daren't tell him what happened.
  20. ask
    We asked how to get to the station.
  21. know
    I don't know whether to apply for the job or not.
  22. understand
    Do you understand what to do?
  23. show
    Can somebody show me how to change the film in this camera?
  24. ask
    Ask Jack. He'll tell you what to do.
  25. expect
    • We expected to be late.
    • We expected Dan to be late.
  26. would like
    • Would you like to go now?
    • Would you like me to go now?
  27. want
    • He doesn't want to know.
    • He doesn't anybody want to know.

    • Do you want me to come with you?
    • Want that is wrong.
  28. help
    • Can you help me to move this table?
    • Can you help me move this table?
  29. remind
    Can you remind me to phone Sam tomorrow?
  30. teach
    Who taught you to drive?
  31. get (=persuade, arrange for)
    I didn't move the piano by myself. I got somebody to help me.
  32. warn
    Jim said the switch was dangerous and warned me not to touch it.
  33. tell
    We were told not to touch the switch.
  34. suggest
    • Jane suggest that I should ask your advice.
    • (not me to ask)
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