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  1. What is the Snellen Test used to measure?
    Visual Acuity
  2. When utilizing the Snellen Chart, how far away must the patient stand from the chart?
    20 feet
  3. When using the opthalmoscope, describe how you'd perform the assessment.
    Start 15 inches away from the patient, at a 15 degree lateral angle to the patient's line of vision

    Shine the beam and move inwards toward the nasal aspect of the visual field
  4. When viewing the posterior portion of the eye, which are darker? veins/arteries?
    Veins are darker than arteries
  5. What are two other names for the ear that Greg mentioned in class?
    • Auricle
    • Pinna
  6. What does externa describe location-wise when describing the ear?
    outside of the ear to the eardrum
  7. What does media describe location-wise when describing the ear?
    inside of the eardrum into cochlea
  8. What symptoms will be seen with inner ear pathophysiologies?
  9. Describe how you'd perform the Weber test and the Rinne test and what each is testing.
    • Weber- checking for lateralization of sound by placing tuning fork in the middle of the patients head
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    • Rinne- compare air vs. bone conduction- in normal circumstances the sound is heard longer through air than through bone
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  10. To examine an adult ear: pull the pinna:
    up and back
  11. To examine a young child (<3 yo) year: pull the pinna:
    straight down
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