DIT day 12

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  1. rx for skin abscess?
    • i and D
    •  no antibiotics if <5 cm and low risk patient
  2. mode of antibiotics for osteo, cellutlitx, skin abcess?
    osteo-- iv

    cellulitis--iv then po

    skin abcess--po
  3. Hidradenitis suppurativa?
    blocked inflammed apocrine gland in groin or genital area

    • same as acne---tetracycline
    • metro
    • retinoic acid
  4. presentation of necrotizing fascitis vs cellulitis?
    • excruciating pain beyond the area of cellulitis
    • bullae, crepitus in the skin 
    • all above are in necrotizing fascitis

    in cellulitis---erythmea and tenderness in the skin involved
  5. rx for necrotizing fascitis?
    • debridement
    • antiboitics
  6. dry vs wet gangrene?
    • dry--hard, dry necrotic tissue--poor perfusion
    • wet--swollen, tender tissue--acute ischemia or infection
  7. rx for dry gangrene?
    wet gangrene?
    auto amputation over time

    debridement or amputation
  8. rx for impetigo/?
    • mild--topical
    • severe--po
  9. how is a pt managed that was exposed to chicken pox?
    vaccine and iv ig can be give 3 days post the exposure..after that its not effective
  10. when do you treat shingles?
    within 3 days of onset of symptoms
  11. rx for tinea verisolocor?
    • se S
    • antifungals topical
  12. intertrigo?
    candida causing infection of skin creases
  13. side effects of malation?
    cholinergic symptoms
  14. cradle cap?
    seborrheic dermatitis
  15. uv light fixes what two skin conditions?
    • eczema
    • psoriasis
  16. causes of lichen planus?
    • hiv
    • hep c
  17. rx for pemphigus vulgaris and bullous pemphigoid?
    pemphigus vulgaris--po steroids

    bullous pemphigoid--topical steroids
  18. rx for acitinic keratosis?
    • 5 fu
    • imiquimod
  19. shave biospy is ok for which cancers?

    basal cell carcinoma
  20. most common type of melanoma?
    dark papule on the legs or trunk bleeds easily
    occurs on palms, soles, or beneath nail plate
    • superficial 
    • amelanotic
    • nodular
    • acral lentiginous
    • superficial
  21. rx for xeroderma pigmentosum?
    avoid sunlight
  22. rx for melasma?
    • avoid sun exposure
    • hydroquinone
  23. bleaching chemical that is used to match the skin to look like vitiligo?
  24. rx for vitiligo?
    steroids if <10%
  25. purple red lesion on face no regress with age
    infant with bright lesion that regress?
    benign small red papule appears with age
    bright lesion with radiating blanching vessels
    blue compressible mass no regression
    red pink nodule that confused with melanoma
    • port wine stain
    • strawberry hemangioma
    • cherry hemangioma
    • spider angioma
    • cavernous hemangioma
    • spitz nevus
  26. rx for alopecia areata?
    • steroids
    • minoxidil
  27. most common side effect of methylphenidate?
    • decreased appetitie
    • insomnia
  28. definition of status epilepticus?
    ongoing siezure for 10 minutes
  29. rx for status epilepticus?
    • benzo
    • phenytoin
    • phenobarbital
    • anesthesia
  30. when is hospitalization of schizophrenic warranted?
    • homicidal ideation
    • suicidal ideation
    • disorganized or threathing behavior
  31. best initial test for duchenes?
    most accurate?
    gold standard?
    ck and aldolase

    most accurate is muscle biopsy or genetic study

    genetic studies
  32. steps to prevent pos operative atelectasis?
    • chest physiotherapy
    • incentive spirometry
    • sitting up
  33. gunshot or stab wound below what level is considered abdominal wound?
    below T4--nipple
  34. inguinal hernias are above or below the inguinal ligament?
  35. magnesium sulfate treats or prevents siezures?
    prevents seizures
  36. what effect does serotonin have on prl?
    increases the release of it
  37. most effective way of avoiding burns in xeroderma pigmentosum, or phenylketonuria?
    avoid sun exposure
  38. most effective way of using sunscreen?
    applying it 15-60 minutes before exposure
  39. 2 conditions that cause muffled, hot potato voice?
    • tonsillar abscess
    • retropharyngeal abscess
  40. which one has bleeding? diverticulosis or diverticulitis?
    diverticulosis has bleeding

    diverticulitis has infectious symptoms
  41. most common cause of lower gi bleed?
  42. winters formular for respiraotry compensation in metabolic acidosis?
    1.5(HCO3) +8
  43. the only reversible restrictive cardiomyopathy?
  44. sign of an infection in a patient taking ptu or methimazole, next step?
    stop the drug and check wbc
  45. enthesitis or pain at the tendon insertion suggests what disesae?
    ankylosing spondylitis
  46. criteria for oa?
    • >50 age
    • bony enlargement
    • crepitus
    • bony tenderness
    • no warmth
    • no stiffness in the morning
  47. 1st line rx for absence seizure?
    2nd line?
    • ethosuxamide
    • valproate
  48. 1st line rx for partial seizures?
  49. in what disease do you see athetosis?
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