PPP 4 (places)

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  1. Piazza Saint Peter
    • By: Gian Lorenzo Bernini
    • Dates/Era:1650s - 1660s
    • Location: Rome
    • Significance:
    • - Designed so that the greatest number of people could see the Pope give his blessing
    • Useddoric columns so not to complete with the palace-like faced by Carlo Maderno, but done at such a huge scale to evoke emotions of awe
  2. World’s Columbian Exposition
    • By: Daniel Burnham and Frederick Law Olmstead
    • Dates/Era:1893
    • Location: Chicago, USA
    • Significance:
    • - Celebrated the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival
    • Theprototype of what they thought a city should be
    • Showed desirable results could be achieved through organized efforts
    • Designedto follow Beaux Arts principles and French neoclassical architecture based on symmetry, balance, and splendor.
  3. Savannah, Georgia City Plan
    • By: James Edward Oglethorpe
    • Dates/Era: 1770s
    • Location: Georgia, USA
    • Significance:
    • - first colonial town laid out on a grid system
    • -groupsof 40 houses are bound by major streets and each section has a public square
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania City Plan
    • By: William Penn
    • Dates/Era: 1690s
    • Location:Pennsylvania, USA
    • Significance:
    • - an early attempt at a “pre planned” utopian city based on a grid
  5. Letchworth Garden City
    • By: Ebenezer Howard
    • Dates/Era: 1903
    • Location: Hertfordshire, England
    • Significance:
    • - the world’s first Garden City
  6. Welwyn Garden City
    • By:Ebenezer Howard
    • Dates/Era: 1920
    • Location: Hertfordshire, England
    • Significance:
    • - the second Garden City and one of the first New Towns
  7. Radburn, New Jersey
    • By: Clarence Stein
    • Dates/Era: 1928
    • Location: New Jersey, USA
    • Significance:
    • - first Garden City plan in the USA.  It took on planning for pedestrians and automobiles, by the use of underpasses to allow pedestrians to pass under automobiles.  Only 1 underpass was constructed
  8. Reston, Virginia
    • By: Robert Simon
    • Dates/Era: 1964
    • Location: Virginia, USA
    • Significance:
    • - Influenced by the Radburn plan.  It was the first modern post-war planned community, and features a series of underpasses that promote travel on foot
  9. Williamsburg, Virginia
    • By: Rev. W. Goodwin/John D. Rockefeller
    • Dates/Era:1920s/1930s
    • Location: Virginia, USA
    • Significance:
    • - Part of the city was acquired and restored/preserved/reconstructed to become the Colonial Williamsburg foundation
  10. Charleston, South Carolina
    • Dates/Era: 1931
    • Location: South Carolina, USA
    • Significance:
    • - First city in the USA to establish a “historic district” as a response to the growing number of aging buildings from theft, demolition, and neglect
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