Physics Final Exam Chapter 8

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  1. What is Brownian Motion?
    particles are constantly in motion
  2. Who came up with Brownian Motion?
    Robert Brown
  3. What is thermal energy?
    Energy of motion or kinetic energy can be converted into heat.
  4. What is heat?
    The thermal energy that flows from one object to another due to a difference in their temperatures.
  5. What is specific heat capacity?
    • The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1kg of a substance by 1 C.
    • J/kg x (degrees)C
  6. What is a calorimeter?
    The tool used to measure heat exchange
  7. What is the Kinetic Molecular Theory?
    • Atoms and molecules exerts forces upon each other.
    • attractive force in solid is strong
    • attractive force in liquid is weaker, still bound together but can move around
    • attractive force is weakest in gas, particles have lots of energy
  8. First Law of Thermodynamics
    The quantity of heat energy transferred to a system is equal to the work done by the system plus the change in the internal energy of the system
  9. Second Law of Thermodynamics
    Heat flows naturally from a hot object to a cold object; heat will not flow naturally from a cold object to a hot object
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