Physics Final Exam Chapter 9

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  1. Fluid
    Something that has the ability to flow
  2. Density
    mass per unit volume of a substance
  3. relative density
    ratio of the density of the object to the density of pure water
  4. pressure
    force acting perpendicular to a unit area
  5. barometer
    measures atmospheric pressure. a thin strong walled glass tube sealed at one end and open at the other.
  6. absolute pressure
    the total pressure
  7. gauge pressure
    any additional pressure over atmospheric pressure
  8. manometer
    u shaped piece of glass tube that is partially filled with water
  9. buoyant force
    upward force on submerged objects
  10. hydrometer
    measure the densities of liquids
  11. Blaise pascal
    a french mathematician, scientist, and philosopher, discovered one of the most important properties of fluids
  12. Archimedes
    greatest scientist and mathematician of ancient Greece
  13. Bernoulli
    Swiss physicist
  14. About Fluids
    • Pressure at equal depths in a given fluid is equal
    • Pressure is exerted equally in all directions
    • Pressure is exerted perpendicular to any surface with which the fluid is in contact
  15. Bernoulli's Principle
    For steady fluid flow, where the velocity of the fluid is high its pressure is low, and where the velocity is low the pressure is high
  16. Archimedes Principle
    An object immersed in a fluid experiences a buoyant force that is equal in magnitude to the force of gravity on the displaced fluid
  17. Pascal's Principle
    Pressure exerted on a contained fluid is transmitted undiminished throughout the fluid acting in all directions and perpendicular to the walls of the container
  18. A floating object displaces its own weight of the liquid in which it is floating
  19. Normal atmospheric pressure= 760 mm Hg (mercury)
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