Micro Culture Requirements & Stains

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  1. Giemsa stain
    Chlamydia, Borrelia, Rickettsiae, trypanosomes, Plasmodium

    Certain Bugs Really Try my Patience
  2. PAS stain
    stains glycogen, mucopolysaccharides - used to diagnose Whipple's disease (tropheryma whippelii)
  3. Ziehl-Neelsen
    Acid-fast organisms
  4. India Ink
    Cryptococcus Neoformans
  5. Mucicarmine
    Cryptococcus neoformans (stain thick polysaccharide capsule red)
  6. Silver stain
    fungi(pneumocystis), Legionella
  7. Chocolate agar with factors V(NAD+) and X (hematin)
    H. influenzae
  8. Thayer Martin (VPN media)
    N. gonorrhoeae

    Vancomycin inhibits gram+, polymyxin inhibits gram-, nystatin inhibits fungi
  9. Bordet-Gengou (potato) agar
    B. pertussis
  10. Tellurite plate
    C. diphtheriae
  11. Loffler's media
    C. diphtheriae
  12. Lowenstein-Jensen agar
    M. tuberculosis
  13. Eaton's agar
    M. pneumoniae
  14. Pink colonies of MacConkey's agar
    Lactose-fermenting enterics  (ex: E. Coli)
  15. Eosin-methylene blue agar
    E. Coli ( colonies w/ metallic sheen)
  16. Charcoal yeast extract agar buffered with cysteine & iron
  17. Sabouraud's agar
  18. Obligate aerobes
    • Nocardia
    • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    • Bacillus
    • (Nagging Pests Must Breath)
  19. Obligate anaerobes
    • Clostridium
    • Bacteroides
    • Actinomyces
    • (Can't Breathe Air) - Aminoglycosides are inneffective because they require O2 to enter
  20. Produce yellow sulfur granules composed of a mass of filaments and formed in pus
    Actinomyces israelii
  21. Yellow pigment
    S. Aureus
  22. Blue-green pigment
    Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  23. Red Pigment
    Serratia marcescens
  24. Inactivates elongation factor (EF-2) causing pharyngitis and pseudomembrane in throat & severe LAD (bull neck)
    Cornybacterium diphtheriae (similiar to psuedomonas)
  25. ADP ribosylation of G protein stimulates adenylyl cyclsase; increased pumping of Cl- into gut and decreased Na absorption.
    Vibrio cholera
  26. Heat-labile toxin stimulates adenylate cyclase
    Heat-stable toxin stimulates guanylate cyclase.
    Both cause water diarrhea
    E. Coli
  27. Increases cAMP by inhibiting Galphai
    Bordetella pertussis
  28. alpha toxin, lecinthinase that acts as a phospholipase to cleave cell membranes and causes gas gangrene, double zone of hemolysis on blood agar
    Clostridium perfringens
  29. Blocks release of GANA and glycine
    C tetani - causes lockjaw
  30. Blocks release of Ach
    C. botulinum
  31. Edema factor, part of the toxin complex is a adenylate cylase
    Bacillus anthracis
  32. Cleaves host rRNA (inactivates 60S ribosome), also enhances cytokine release
    Shiga toxin (Shigella and E. Coli 0157:h7) - causing HUS
  33. induces actin depolymerization leading to mucosal cell death, necrosis of colonic mucosal surfaces, and pseudomembrane formation
    C. difficile - cytotoxin B
  34. potent inhibitor of RNA pol II halting mRNA synthesis
  35. Acquired via ingestion of unpasteurized milk/cheese and deli meats or vaginal transmission.

    Forms actin rockets - tumbling motility
    Listeria monocytogenes
  36. acute liver inflammation d/t PID from Gonococci
  37. Weil's disease - severe form with jaudice and azotemia from liver and kidney dysfunction; fever, hemorrhage, and anemia
    Leptospira interrogans
  38. water contaminated with animal urine
    flulike sx, photophobia w/ conjunctivitis
    surfers in the tropics
    Leptospira interrogans
  39. cat scratch, can cause bacillary angiomatosis in immunocompromised (often confused with Kaposi's sarcoma)
  40. Animal bite; cats, dogs
    cellulitis, osteomyelitis
    Pasterella multocida
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