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  1. Hago
    I do
  2. haces
    you do
  3. hace
    I does
  4. hacemos
    we do
  5. hacéis
    you (all) do
  6. hacen
    they do
  7. hice
    I did (p)
  8. hiciste
    you did (p)
  9. hizo
    it did (p)
  10. hicimos
    we did (p)
  11. hicisteis
    we (all) did (p)
  12. hicieron
    they did (p)
  13. hacía
    I did (imp)
  14. hacías
    you did (imp)
  15. hacía
    it did (imp)
  16. hacíamos
    we did (imp)
  17. hacíais
    you (all) did (imp)
  18. hacían
    they did (imp)
  19. haría
    I would do
  20. harías
    you would do
  21. haría
    it would do
  22. haríamos
    we would do
  23. haríais
    you (all) would do
  24. harían
    they would do
  25. haré
    I will do
  26. harás
    you would do
  27. hará
    it will do
  28. haremos
    we will do
  29. haréis
    you (all) will do
  30. harán
    they will do
  31. he hecho
    I have done
  32. has hecho
    you have done
  33. ha hecho
    it has done
  34. hemos hecho
    we have done
  35. habéis hecho
    you (all) have done
  36. han hecho
    they have done
  37. había hecho
    I had done
  38. habías hecho
    you had done
  39. había hecho
    it had done
  40. habíamos hecho
    we had done
  41. habíais hecho
    you (all) had done
  42. habían hecho
    they had done
  43. habré hecho
    I will have done
  44. habrás hecho
    you will have done
  45. habrá hecho
    it will have done
  46. habremos hecho
    we will have done
  47. habréis hecho
    you (all) will have done
  48. habrán hecho
    they will have done
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