Modern Art

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    • Daguerre, Boulevard du Temple, Paris
    • c. 1838
    • Photography
  1. Nadar, Sarah Bernhardt 1864
  2. Cameron, Mrs. Herbert Duckworth 1867
  3. Cameron, Unknown Girl, Ceylon 1875-79
  4. Brady, Dead Soldier, Civil War c. 1863
  5. Courbet, A Burial at Ornans, 1849-50

    • 19th-century French art
    • realisim
  6. Courbet, The Source of the Loue, 1864

    • Daumier, Rue Transnonain, April 15,
    • 1834

    • Bonheur, Plowing in the Nivernais 1849
    • Realisim
  7. Manet, Luncheon on the Grass (Dejeuner sur l’herbe) 1863

  8. Manet, Olympia 1863

  9. Manet, Portrait of Émile Zola, 1868
    • Hiroshige, Moon Pine at Ueno, from One
    • Hundred Views of Famous Places in Edo 1857
    • Whistler, Nocturne in Black and Gold: The
    • Falling Rocket c. 1875
    • Whistler, Symphony in White No. II:
    • The Little White Girl
    • Impressionist
  10. avant garde
    refers to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics.
  11. art for art’s sake (l’art pour l’art)
    "Art for art's sake" is the usual English rendering of a French slogan from the early 19th century, ''l'art pour l'art'', and expresses a philosophy that the intrinsic value of art, and the only "true" art, is divorced from any didactic, moral or utilitarian function. Such works are sometimes described as "autotelic", from the Greek autoteles, “complete in itself”, a concept that has been expanded to embrace "inner-directed" or "self-motivated" human beings.
  12. Haussmannization
    Haussmann's Renovation of Paris, or the Haussmann Plan, was a modernization program of Paris commissioned by Napoléon III and directed by the Seine prefect, Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, between 1853 and 1870.
  13. formalism
    formalism is the study of art by analysing and comparing form and style—the way objects are made and their purely visual aspects. In painting formalism emphasizescompositional elements such as color, line, shape and texture rather than iconography or the historical and social context.
  14. japonisme
    influence of the arts of Japan on those of the West
  15. Monet, Impression: Sunrise 1872
  16. Monet, The Bridge at Argenteuil 1874
  17. Monet, Boulevard de Capucines, Paris (Les Grandes Boulevards) 1873-4
  18. Degas, The Jockey c. 1879
  19. Degas, The Tub 1886
  20. Morisot, Woman at Her Toilette c. 1875
  21. Cassatt, Woman Bathing 1890-91
    • Sargent, Madame X (Mme Pierre
    • Gautreau) 1883-84
  22. Homer, After the Hurricane 1899
  23. Eakins, The Gross Clinic 1875
  24. Seurat, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte 1884-6
    • Signac, Opus 217. Against the Enamel
    • of a Background Rhythmic with Beats and Angles, Tones and Tints, Portrait of M.
    • Félix Fénéon in 1890, 1890
  25. Cézanne, Battle of Love c. 1880
    • Cézanne, The Bay of Marseille, seen from
    • L’Estaque c. 1885
    • Cézanne, Still Life with Basket of
    • Apples c. 1893
    • Moreau, The Apparition c. 1876
    • Mystisisim
  26. Puvis de Chavannes, Summer 1891

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