American Government 4

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  1. judicial branch
    interprets the law
  2. legislative branch
    makes the laws
  3. how many house of representatives
  4. how many senators
  5. power structure of Senate
    • president pro tempore
    • majority leader
    • majority whip 
    • minority leader
  6. power structure of House of Representatives
    • speaker of house
    • majority and minority whip
    • majority and minority leader
  7. standing committee
    has greatest amount of power in Congress
  8. natural Law
  9. sociological law
    Oliver Wendell Holmes. Society should shape the law instead of law shaping society
  10. English Common Law
    • Judges are bound by precedent
    • Trial by jury
    • William Blackstone, Commentaries on the law of England
  11. which president initiated the amendment allowing for an income tax?
  12. how many justices in supreme court
  13. four solutions to national debt
    • give president greater control over budget, including limiting spending
    • get rid of PACS
    • Adopt modern system of accounting
    • Adopt a flat tax
  14. Marbury v. Madison
    • establishes judicial review
    • court can rule something unconstitutional
  15. McCulloch v. Maryland
    • power to tax is the power to destroy
    • federal is supreme over the state
  16. Brown v. board of education
    • ends segregation
    • little girl wanted to go white school
  17. plessy v. Ferguson
    accepts segregation
  18. Roe v. Wade
    • Amendment 14 right to privacy
    • abortion
  19. Engle v. vitale
    cannot pray in school as a teacher
  20. everson v. board of education
    everson filed suit to reimburse parents for school bus
  21. Lemon v. Kurtzman
    the state reimburses parochial schools for expenses associated with educating students
  22. Miller v. California
    Miller convicted for mailing adult books
  23. Texas v. Johnson
    conviction for burning flag was overturned when supreme court ruled texas law unconstitutional
  24. Miranda v. Arizona
    no prior notifications of rights under fifth amendment during police interrogation
  25. John Marshall
    U.S. gives Europe billions of dollars to help Europe after WWI
  26. Earl Warren
    Courts have denied natural law ad have become more more liberal especially under Chief Justice Earl Warren
  27. William Blackstone
    • Commentaries on the law of England
    • law is based on the absolute Word of God
    • natural law given to all men to help them know right from wrong
    • basis of law in America until the 1900's 
    • English Common Law spreads to England's colonists
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