History Test Unit 7

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  1. Imperialism
    A policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.
  2. Colony (Form of imperialism)
    Foreign power governs
  3. Protectorate (Form of imperialism)
  4. Sphere of Influence (Form of imperialism)
    foreign power has exclusive trading rights
  5. Economic Imperialism (Form of imperialism)
    business runs country
  6. William Seward
    Envisioned on American Empire from Canada to Latin America and out to Pacific Islands
  7. Fredrick Jackson Turner
    Wanted to sustain American way of life, a new frontier needed to be discovered
  8. Aflfred T. Mahan
    Believed nation required an efficient navy to protect shipping. This navy required colonies for bases
  9. Theodore Roosevelt
    Preserve order and stability. America's role - speak softly and carry a big stick
  10. Senator Carl Shurz
    Opposed annexation of territory by dark-skinned people
  11. E.L. Godkin
    US had enough unsettled land. Showcasing democracy and prosperity would convince less fortunate to adopt principles
  12. William James (Philosopher)
    U.S. had enough unsettled land (Declaration of Independence and Constitution)
  13. Samuel Gompers
    Barbarians would undercut American labor
  14. How pro-imperialists influenced leaders.
    Exceptionalism (God Favored/Proserous)



    Social Darwinism

    Paternalistic Attitude
  15. Justification of imperialism
    Extending liberty and prosperity to less fortunate

    Less fortunate: Latin Americans, women, people of color and nations weaker than the U.S.
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