Altered states of consciousness

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  1. Altered states of consciousness (ASC); first description in Antti's book?
    An ASC is a temporary, reversible state of consciousness that significantly differs from the baseline state and typically lasts from a few minutes to at most a few hours.

    One way to define the concept of ASC more precisely is to say that in an ASC the overall pattern of subjective experience is significantly different from the baseline NSC.

    The subject having the ASC must feel or recognize that his or her experience is remarkably different from the normal state. This definition adds the requirement that an ASC must be recognized at the level of reflective consciousness by the subject having it.
  2. A special type of dream that closely simulates waking experience is called
    false awakening
  3. What is Hypnagogia?
    The brief transformation from wakefulness to sleep. (Hypnagogia hallucinations; internally generated images in this state)
  4. What is hypnopompic?
    The brief transformation from sleep to wakefulness. (Hypnopompic hallucinations; internally generated images in this state)
  5. What is sleep paralysis?
    An ASC that often takes place in the hypnagogic or hypnopompic state is called sleep paralysis. It is a mixture of wakefulness and REM sleep-related muscular atonia: the subject feels awake, but cannot move any part of his or her body.
  6. What is sleep mentation?
    An image of a visual object, a word or sentence or sound heard repetitively or a thought that runs through the mind again and again are common types of sleep mentation.
  7. What is content analysis?
    The dream reports can be subsequently analysed with a method called content analysis  with which it is possible to quantify the occurrence of different contents of consciousness (objects, persons, places, emotions, etc.) in dreams, and to report how much of eachtype of content usually occurs in dreams.
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