HIST|role of the pharaoh

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  1. what is the main role of the pharaoh?
    maintaining ma'at and preventing Isfet (chaos)
  2. role of the worrier?
    protector of the people and smites all Egypt's enemies. he is all-powerfull.
  3. evidence in tomb for worrier?
    • gold, silver and bronze military trumpets - antechamber
    • golden chariot - antechamber
    • bows and arrows - antechamber
  4. role of the provider?
    made sure that the the Nile inundated and that there was enough to eat
  5. evidence in tomb of provider?
    • baskets filled with dried fruits and seeds - annex
    • food boxes filled with meat - antechamber
  6. role of the diplomat?
    formed alliances with other cultures, including marriages.
  7. evidence in tomb of diplomat?
    boats; evidence of training - treasury
  8. role of the religious leader?
    responsible for the welfare of people by caring out daily rituals
  9. evidence in tomb of religious leader?
    • golden throne depiction Amun, Ra and the Aten with the pharaoh and his wife
    • 17 model boats - used in after life to follow voyage of the sun.
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