microbiology 3

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  1. Salk
    • Jonas Salk made it and was te original vaccine based on a dead virus, multiple does required, life long immunity
  2. Sabin
    • 1.     made by Albert Sabin, consist of a live attenuated virus because of the mutation in the virus. 1988, POLIO was marked by WHO for eradication.

  3. consist of a collapsed circle of single stranded RNA, a catalytic RNA (ribozyme) that can cut other RNA molecules. Dieases: infect plant cell nuclei, causes hepatitis D in human. The hepatitis D viroid uses the hepatitis B virus capsid to enter liver cells. Replicated via host rna polymerase.
    • Virod
  4. are deviant forms of a harmless protein found on cell membranes, especially in the brain. It abnormal proetein is pleated, insoluble in water, and protease resistant while the normal form is helix, soluble in water and digestible via protease. Abnormal protein is highly resistant to chemical and heat and do not elicit an immune response. Transmission through foods containing animal product, long incubation period, neurodegeneration causes the brain to become riddled with holes (spongiform encephalophaties)
    • Prion diseases
  5. maybe original source of other communicable prion disease, and spread via contaminated urine to other sheep/goats
    • Scrape (sheep and goats)- 
  6. acquired via supplements derived from infected sheep tissue
    • Mad cow diseases

  7. moose,deer,elk that may have had contact with infected sheep, beef, goats and concern to hunters in this country
    • Chronic wasting diseases
  8. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: (Variant): 
    • the human form of Mad Cow diseases, required contact with contaminated beef product

  9. Sporadic) Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseases. 
    • Genetic
  10. Kuru
    • the fore people of New Guinea, transmitted through the cultural practice of eating the brain deceased of family member.
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