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  1. US senators from MT
    Tester and Bauccus
  2. US house member from Montana
    Steve Daines
  3. Speaker of the House
    John Boehner
  4. Majority Leader of the House
    Eric Cantor
  5. Majority Leader of the Senate
    Harry Reid
  6. Plessy vs. Ferguson case
    racial segregation "separate but equal" jim crow laws
  7. Browne vs. Topeka Board of Education
    Can't segregate in public schools
  8. Presidential election date
    tuesday after the first monday in november
  9. elastic clause
    necessary and proper
  10. popular sovereignty
    power rests with the people
  11. father of the declaration
    Thomas Jefferson
  12. Father of the Cons't
    James Madison
  13. 1st constitution
    Articles of Confederation
  14. how many supreme court justices
  15. Name 5 supreme court justices
    • Sotomayer
    • Kagen
    • Scalia
    • Kennedy
    • Breyer
  16. First Black Man on court
    Thurgood Marshall
  17. first woman on court
    Sandra Day O'connor
  18. cheif justice
    John Roberts
  19. duel court system
    federal and local courts
  20. three constitutional courts
    federal, supreme, legistlative
  21. Miranda vs. Arizona
    Rights must be read to you
  22. Escapedo vs. Illinois
    right to a lawyer during questioning
  23. Mapp vs. ohio
    evidence gathered illegally cannot be used in court
  24. gideon v. wainwright
    right to a lawyer if jailable offense
  25. number in hosue
  26. number in senate
  27. term of house
    2 years
  28. term of senate
    6 years
  29. state house number
    1 (Rehberg)
  30. state senate number
    2 (tester and bauccus)
  31. 3 branches of the gov
    • judicial
    • executive
    • legislative
  32. case for judicial review
    marurry vs. madison
  33. Montana Governor, flower, bird
    • Steve Bullock
    • Bitterroot
    • Medowlark
  34. Last Cabinet post
    secretary of homeland security
  35. first congresswoman
    Jeanette Rankin
  36. writ of habeas corpus
    have to go to court for a crime
  37. types of speech
    pure, symbolic, commercial
  38. denied powers
    • things feds cant do¬†
    • Article 1, section 9
  39. Secretary of state
    John Kerry
  40. Sec of defense
    Chuck Hagel
  41. 7th
    civial trials
  42. 9th
    uneumerated rights
  43. 10th
    reserved powers to the states
  44. 11th
    suits against states
  45. 12th
    election of the president and the vp
  46. 13th
  47. 14
    citizens rights
  48. 15th
    right to vote (race)
  49. 16th
    income tax
  50. 17th
    election of electors
  51. 18
  52. 19th
    woman can vote
  53. 20
    commencement of terms
  54. 21
    end of prohibition
  55. 22
    presidential terms
  56. 23
    DC eletorals
  57. 24th
    right to vote in ferderal elections
  58. 25th
    presidential succestion
  59. 26
    right to vote when 18
  60. 27th

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