DIT day 15

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  1. next step in managment of agus?
    agus--colposcopy and if >35--endometrial biopsy

    acus--hpv testing
  2. what are the parameters of biophyscial profile?
    • non stress test
    • breathing
    • movement
    • tone
    • afi
  3. sinusoidal pattenr of fetal heart rate, indicates?
  4. c0ntraction pattern for cervical dilation
    3/10 minutes
  5. what is defined latent phase of labor?
    prolonged active phase?
    • >20 hours
    • >14 hours in multiparous

    >12 hours or >1.2 cm/hr or 1.4 cm/hr
  6. when do you induce labor?
    • preeclmapsia
    • stalled stage
    • chorioamniotis
    • >42 weeks
    • iugr
    • prom
  7. contraindication for labor?
    • uterine sx
    • malpresentaiton
    • prior c section
    • active herpes infection
  8. bishop scoring system for labor?
    • dilation
    • effacemtn
    • station
    • cervical consistency
    • cerical position
  9. what is the arrest of descent?
    cervix doesnt dilate for 2 hours in the active stage of labor of stage 1
  10. what is uterine hyperstimulation?
    >5 contractions/10 mins
  11. rx for uterine hyperstimulation?
  12. when can u perform a vaginal delivery after a c section?
    post transverse
  13. what drugs are ok to take and breast feed?
    warfarin, lithium, aspirin, etoh
  14. how much is postpartum bleeding?
    • >500 ml for vaginal delivery
    • >1000 ml for c section
  15. rx for uterine atonu?
    • massage
    • oxytocin

  16. symptoms of endometritis?
    • fever
    • uterine tenderness
  17. can you give ace I to kids with htn?
  18. what 3 vaccines are given at 11 years old?
    • mcv
    • Tdap
    • hpv
  19. when do you start givein influenza to kids?
    after 6 months
  20. next step with a single umbilical artry?
    renal sonogram
  21. anterior fontanelle closes when?
    2 years
  22. if  child did not receive a HIb vaccine pior to 5 yo, should they receive it?
  23. what is PFAPA syndrome?
    • recurrent prodrome of periodic fever, aphthous ulcer, pharyngitis, adenitis
    • lasts 5 years
  24. how do you work up uti in a child?
    voiding cystourethrogram and renal ultrasound
  25. differential cause of desquamation of hands and feet?
    • scarlet fever, steven johnson
    • kawasaki
    • acrodynia
    • toxic shock syndrom
  26. what antibiotics is contraindicated with retinods?
  27. what 2 immunodeficiencys dont have thymic shadow/?
    • scid
    • digeorge
  28. for which immunodeficiency you dont give live vaccines?
  29. what immunodeficiency has high afp, smooth pursuit of eyes, ataxia, telangietasia?
    ataxia telangiectasia
  30. what chromosomal abnormality produces 80% height and 25th % for head circumference and decreased intelligence?
    47 XXX
  31. glycogen storage dz that causes hypoglycemia, high lactate and big kidneys?
    hypoglycemia, normal lactate and kidney?
    diaphragm weakness, heart failure?
    • von gierkes
    • cori
    • pompe
  32. pressure of what tells you its compartment syndrome?
    30 mmhg
  33. best initial test for compartment syndrome?
    pain with passive flexion of limb
  34. how to prevent febrile transfusion reaction?
    wash the rbcs
  35. acute hemotlytic reaction post transfusion is caused by?
    delayed is caused by?
    • abc mismatch
    • rh mismatch
    • cytokines
  36. most accurate test for acute hemotlytic reaction?
    direct coombs test
  37. what is the/ significance of a sinusoidal feta heart heart
    fetal distress or anemia
  38. uteroplacental insufficiency means what?
    • fetal hypoxia
    • fetal acidosis----late decelerations
  39. late decelerations are caused by?
    uteroplacental insufficiency
  40. do you ever hospitalize anorexia nervosa patients?
    yes when they have electrolyte disturbance or when their weight is <75% of their ideal body weight
  41. which electrolyte when in excess can cause renal failure?
    hypercalcemia by dehydration
  42. a chi squares is used to compare what? proportions or means?
    a NOVA is used to compare proportions or means?
    a t-test is used to compare proportions or means?

    means of 3 or more

    means of 2
  43. toxic shock syndrome must involve at least how many organs?
    3 or more
  44. what skin bug usually affect male groin and female breaths and creases of hands?
  45. systolic or diastolic blood pressure produces end organ damage?
  46. sbp needs what 2 criteria?
    • pmn>250
    • positive ascites culture
  47. what causes cts in ra?
    esrd or mm
    • inflammation of the synovium
    • extra fluid
    • glycosaminoglycan deposition
    • amyloid protein deposition
    • hyperplasia of synovium
  48. intention tremor, nystagmus and incoordination results from damage to what?
  49. causes of thyrotoxicosis with low radioactive iodine uptake?
    • thyroditis
    • levothyroxine ingestion
    • iodine induced thyroditis
    • granulomatous(tender) thyroditis
    • strauma ovari
  50. post operative cholestasis is caused by?
    hypotension and transfusion of rbc
  51. most accurate test for rcc?
  52. hypotension post mi and clear lung fields?
    right ventricle infarction, discontinue nitroglycerin and give fluids
  53. management of chest pain in a young woman with no risk factors?
    reassurance--bc it is anxiety or psychosocial derived pain
  54. a neonate with apgar score of <7, next step?
    pulse ox and peep should be given
  55. best initial test for mm?
    most accurate
    • xray for lytic lesions
    • bone marrow biopsy
  56. a woman with chronic hep c is pregnany, next step?
    give hep a and hep b, she can have sex without protection
  57. how does phenytoin cause anemia?
    blocks absorption of folate
  58. what is an arrest disroder?
    • no cervical dilation for 2 hours
    • no fetal descent for 1 hour
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