Chapter 13

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  1. angina
    intermittent or continuous cardiac pain caused by anoxia of the myocardium
  2. auscultation
    use of the unaided ear or a stethoscope to listen to sounds within the body
  3. biopsy
    removal of tissue or fluid from the body for pathological examination to determine a diagnosis
  4. capnography
    used in the anesthetic setting to provide a breath-by-breath analysis of expired carbon dioxide
  5. C-arm
    type of portable fluoroscope, so named for its configuration
  6. cholangiography
    preoperative and intraoperative diagnostic tool in which a catheter is inserted into the common bile duct and contrast medium is injected to outline potential calculi under fluoroscope
  7. contrast medium
    solution injected into arteries, veins, or ducts during a radiographic exam that is radiopaque and therefore stands out in contrast to the surrounding tissues
  8. CSF (cerebrospinal fluid)
    fluid that flows though the ventricles of the brain, subarachnoid space, and spinal cord; serves to protect these structures
  9. cystoscopy
    insertion of an endoscope though the urethra and into the bladder for the purpose of viewing for treatment and diagnosis
  10. electrocardiogram (ECG)
    record of the hearts electrical activity
  11. -gram
    suffix meaning written record
  12. gram stain
    laboratory method of identifying bacteria; bacteria that stains purple are classified as gram positive; bacteria that doesn't stain and appears red is classified as gram negative
  13. -graph
    suffix meaning producing a drawing or writing
  14. indwelling
    substance or item that remains in place either permanently or for a period of time
  15. isotope scanning
    involves the intravenous injection of a radioactive isotope into the patient prior to an imaging study
  16. obstruction
    hindrance or blockage of a passage
  17. palpation
    examining by touch
  18. prosthesis
    artificial device used to replace a body structure, aid bodily function, or give a cosmetic appearance; may be permanent or removable
  19. roentgenography
    radiography; X-rays
  20. sign
    indication of a disease or condition perceived by the examiner
  21. symptom
    indication of a disease or condition perceived by the patient
  22. ultrasonography
    use of high frequency waves that are directed into the body and are reflected from the tissues to record an image for diagnostic purposes
  23. urinalysis (UA)
    laboratory examination of a urine specimen for diagnostic purposes
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