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  1. Icon Bisilicae
    Charles I
  2. "Business above all" is a comic about this event
    Sinking of the Lusitania
  3. Richard Chancelor was an explorer for him
    Ivan Terrible
  4. This man killed Metropolitan Phillip II
    Ivan the Terrible
  5. The worlds most deadly tornadoe was here
  6. The 9th legion was massacred during it
  7. General that put down Boudica's revolt
  8. He did Vatican II
    John 23rd and Paul 6th
  9. Battle that preceded Tilsit
  10. He wrote the Life of the Caesars
  11. The government described in Leviathan (Republic, Monarchy, ETC....)
  12. He did the most famous translation of the Life of the Caesars
    Robert Graves
  13. First ruler of South Vietnam
    Bao Dai
  14. Guy abducted in years of Lead
    Aldo Morro
  15. The Sayd brothers helped this empire
  16. This war was preceded by an investigative travel by a Vermont senator
  17. He carried out the Night Attack
    Vlad the Impailer
  18. It came up with the list of banned books
  19. Benidictus Deus was about this event
    Council of Trent
  20. He wrote "Standing Firm"
    Dan Quayle
  21. He critized Murphy Brown
    Dan Quayle
  22. He wrote "Worth Fighting For"
    Dan Quayle
  23. He had a conflict with the Wright brothers
  24. Dutch exotic dancer who may have been a spy
  25. He weeped at a statue of Alexandar the Great for being a chode compared to Alex
  26. Operation Brother Sam was against this country
  27. This king started the tradition of the Christmas Speech
    George V
  28. The King's Pilgrimage was about this man's visit of Belgian Graveyards
    George V
  29. Matterhorn is a book about this war
  30. They were defeated at the day of thirst
  31. Founder of Cordoba Caliphate
    Abdel Al Raman
  32. Second biggest battle of Spanish Succession
    Battle of Malplaket
  33. Governor that is expelled to end the Dominion of New England
    Edmund Andros
  34. Islamic insurgents in Indonesia
    Jemma Islamia
  35. French Commander at Malplaquet
    Claude De Villars
  36. Cardinal Dubois acted as a regent for this man
    Louis XV
  37. He has an agreement with Tero
  38. He made someone call himself Priapus
  39. A golden rose was sent after this event
    st. bartholomews day massacare
  40. The guerneites are a group of them
  41. Vietnamese commander at Dien Bien Phu
    Vo Nguyen Giap
  42. Two French Commanders at Dien Bien Phu
    Pierre Langlais and Christian De Castries
  43. French artillery commander that killed himself
    Charles Piroth
  44. Prime minister of Spain before peninsular war
    Manuel de Godoy
  45. Treaty that preceded the Peninsular War
    Treaty of Fontainbleu
  46. Dude who ate a people in the 1900's and had the cafeteria named after him
    Alferd Packard
  47. He was adopted by Cisymagamus
    Alexander The Great
  48. He was told by someone burning "We will meet in Babylon"
    Alexander the Great
  49. It was called ponamuk
    Long Island
  50. Kushata Massacare
  51. Uncle Earl's political machine was in this state
  52. Guy who tried to impeach Huey Long
    Cecil Morgan
  53. Battle where Barbarosa crushed Rome
    Monte Porzio
  54. He launched the massacare of Verdennes
    Chuck the "Meh"
  55. Guy who dealt with the profumo affair (conservatives in the 60's)
  56. Macmillan is famous for giving this anti-immigration speech
    Rivers of Blood
  57. Guy who suceded the second churchill
    Anthony Eden
  58. Patrick Kearney investigated this event
    The Assassination of Jimmy Boy "I'm not a cat!" Garfield
  59. Rebellion which brought Diaz to power
    Plan de La Noria
  60. He offered to host the lockerbee trial
  61. His biography is "Long Walk to Freedom"
    Nelsdon Mandela
  62. Son of Atosis
    Xerxes the Great
  63. John Scally had a meeting during this event
    Cuban Missile Crisis
  64. This battle ended in power secured at Stoch Field
    Bosworth Field
  65. This country won the battle of Diu
  66. The "Illustrious Generation" refers to children of this dynasty in this country
    The Aviz dynasty in portugual
  67. School books in the late 1800's
    McDuffy Readers
  68. Chinese defense minister that was purged during cultural revolution and was rehabilitated by Deng Xioping
    Peng di Hui
  69. Prison for Nazi was criminals
  70. VP of Ross Perot
  71. His V.P. said "Who are we, why are we here?"
    Ross Perot
  72. Bernard Law was an archbishop of this city
  73. His sons were known as Cabbage Suckers
  74. He was mocked as "Long Head" or "Squil Head"
  75. Piccolomini was involved in the assassination of this man
  76. The six acts came after this event
  77. Bell Atlantic was investigated for violating one of these act
    Anti Trust Act
  78. This country was run by a "Cohabitation" in the 80's
  79. He put down the Newburg Conspiracy
  80. This event started when someone tried to annex land
    Sepoy Mutiny
  81. Czech president of Brazil
  82. Conference that started N.A.M.
  83. First Causality of the Cold War
    John Birch
  84. He dealt with the Plaquard affair
    Françis I
  85. Lorenzo Thomas was one of these
    Secretary of Wars
  86. Eaton was one on these
    Secretary of Wars
  87. His sec of war was Joel Poinsette
    Martin Van Buren
  88. Sec of war for Van Buren
    Joel Poinsette
  89. Khalifa ruled this empire and just fired arrows at people for funsies
  90. carolean death march was during this war
    Great Northern
  91. A god of this domain gives Gilgamesh an axe
    The Sun
  92. The ABC movement took part in this election
  93. He commanded "The Trinidad"
  94. He conquered Malaca for one empire
  95. He signed the wye river memorandum
  96. The battle of Faborg St. Antoine took place at this place
  97. The battle of Faborg St. Antoine was in this war
    Fronde Rebellion
  98. This man forced a magistrate to mess with a donkey
    Frederick the Great
  99. This man is also a "Marble Emperor"
    Frederick the Great
  100. He was crowned by Adrian IV
    Frederick the Great
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