Chapter 14

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  1. absorption
    to take in or soak up
  2. anastomosis
    pathological, surgical, or traumatic formation of an opening between 2 normally separate organs or spaces
  3. bile
    secretion of the liver tat emulsifies fats, preparing them for further digestion and absorption in the small intestine
  4. chole-
    combining form that means bile
  5. -docho-
    combining form meaning intestine
  6. -ectomy
    suffix meaning removal of
  7. excision
    surgical removal
  8. incision
    cut made with a sharp intrument
  9. lysis
    dissolution, loosening, or destruction of something
  10. necrosis
    tissue death
  11. -oma
    suffix meaning tumor
  12. -ostomy
    suffix meaning to create a new opening
  13. -otomy
    suffix meaning to make an incision into
  14. parietal
    1. refers to outer portion of a cavity or organ; 2. pertaining to parietal bone of the cranium; 3. pertaining to parietal bone of the cerebrum
  15. peritoneum
    thin serous membrane that lines the abdominal cavity
  16. portal venous system
    venous system that carries blood to a second capillary bed prior to returning the blood to general circulation
  17. -stasis
    suffix meaning stoppage or reduction of the flow of bodily fluids
  18. stenosis
    narrowing or constriction
  19. ulcer
    crater like lesion tat is usually circular in shape and penetrates the skin; may be very deep, resulting from infection or malignant disease processes
  20. viscera
    any organ of a body cavity; usually refers to the abdominal organs
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