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  1. 2 causes of mallory bodies on liver biopsy?
    • wilson
    • alcoholic hepatitis
  2. palpable breast mass in a young woman?
    come back after menstruation and see it if decreases--if it does--fibrocystic change disease...if not...ultrasound if younger <35
  3. strongest risk factor for suicide?
    previous attempt at suicide
  4. calcium oxalate with no symptoms, next step in managment/
    nothing if no other symptoms
  5. most accurate test for diverticulitis?
  6. risk for molluscum contagiosum?
    • cellular immunodeficiency
    • steroids
    • other immunodeficieny
  7. cause of normal blood pressure, hypokalemia, metabolic alkalosis and high urinary chloride level?
    cause of high blood pressure, hypokalemia,  metabolic alkalosis, and high urinary chloride level?
    • barter and diuretics
    • renin secreting tumor
  8. most common cause of metabolic acidosis in an elderly with atherosclerosis and afib?
    bowel ischemia
  9. next step in managment of hit if patient is ambulatory
    stop heparin and give argatroban
  10. most accurate test for hit?
    serotonin release assay
  11. do you confirm and then stop heparin in HIT or do you stop and then confirm?
    stop it and then confirm
  12. pain in snuff box, x ray negative..next step?
    pain and x ray +...next step?
    • thumb spica cast and repeat x ray
    • immobilization for a few months
  13. when is clomiphene used for fertility?
    when is in vitro fertilization used
    • in women with anovulatory cycles?
    • in premature ovarian failure
  14. turner syndrome patients are at risk for developing what?
    • osteoporosis
    • coarcatation of aorta
  15. dysfunctional uterine bleeding in a woman >35 yo?
    endometrial biopsy
  16. bronchiolitis predisposes to?
  17. most accurate test and a theruapuetic maneuver for aspiration of foreign body?
    direct laryngoscope and bronchoscope
  18. what can predispose to digoxin toxicity?
    hypokalemia as caused by furosemide
  19. what high really high levels of calcium, primary hyperparathyrodism or malignanyc?
    malignancy causes really high levels of calcium
  20. drugs taht cause oxotoxicity?
    • aminoglycosides
    • loop diurectics
  21. rx for metatarsal fracture?
  22. rx for hypercalcemia from malignancy?
  23. constipation and distended abdomen post sx, cause?
    post operative ileus
  24. what cardiomyopathy may be reversed?
    alcoholic by alcohol cessation
  25. 4 indications for clopidogrel?
    • aspirin allergy
    • post UN/NSTEMI
    • Post stenting--metal stent 1 month, drug eluting 12 months
    • post stemi with stenting
  26. rx for scaphoid fracture/?
    immobilization for 6-12 weeks
  27. rx for migraine?
    • triptans
    • anti emetics
  28. females are prone to getting what kind of immunodeficiens in life with what symptom?
    • IgG3 deficiency
    • causing sinupulmonary infections and bloody diarrhea
  29. low back pain in pregnancy
    increased lumbar lordosis
  30. 4 components of alcohol withdrawal?
    • withdrawal symptoms
    • withdrawal seizures
    • hallucinosis
    • dt
  31. why doesnt a matter form antibodies against the A or B blood group in a fetus when she herself is blood O?
    she does but the hemolysis is not that severe as against rh
  32. flashing lights, floaters, curtain going down over the eyse tells you it is what kind of vision loss?
    retinal detachment
  33. all factors that cause osteonecrosis do it how?
    by impeding blood flow
  34. endometritis is caused by what bacteria?
    • polymicrobial
    • clinda and aminoglycoside
  35. symptoms of endometritis/
    • fever
    • leukocytosis
    • uterine tenderness
    • smelly lochia
  36. rx for babesiosis?
    quinine or atovaquone...like for malaria
  37. babesios clue?
    hemolysis just like malaria except babesios occurs in the us
  38. clue for erlichosis
    spotless rocky mountain spotted feverho
  39. how u get q fever?
    from cattle placenta
  40. what happens to elderly and their reflexes?
    they diminish and sometimes the dissappear especially the achilles reflex
  41. what drugs are not used in wpw?
    • av nodal blockesr bc the increases extranodal pathway signals
    • use procainamide
  42. resecetion of pleomorphic adenoma may damage what nerve?
  43. murmur of hocm?
    systolic at the left sternal border
  44. marked deceased respiration, cause/
  45. do opiods always produce miosis?
  46. most specific finding for cardiac tamponade?
    alternating heights of qrs complexes
  47. rx for exercise induced asthma?
    beta agonist prior to exercise
  48. do you biopsy testiculr or ovarian cancers?
    no you resect them
  49. what murmrus do not need a further work up?
    which ones do?
    midsystolic and quit systolic murmurs

    all diastolic and continuous murmurs need a further work up
  50. sx for basal cell carcinoma?
    mohs with 1 or 2 mm margins
  51. when do you answer referral on usmle?
    in a few very specific cases@!
  52. felty syndrome?
    ra with splenomegaly and neutropenia
  53. what decreases mortality in an pulseless person?
    • good cpr
    • rhythm analysis
    • defib
  54. cause of bloddy diarrhea with no fever?
  55. all bloddy diarrhea have fever except?
  56. signs of necrotizing fascitis?
    • extereme pain in the absence of erythema
    • loss of sensation around the wouund
    • crepitus
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